A Book report on Ghost fleet

A Book Report on Ghost fleet.
The novel is a 2015 technology thriller written by P.W. Singer and August Cole. The novel is set in the near future. It portrays a scenario where post-communist China with the assistance of china is able to launch a technologically sophisticated attack against the United States in the Pacific Ocean resulting in the occupation of the Hawaii Island.

Prior to the unfolding of the main events of the novel, Indonesia had collapsed due to the second war in Timor. This had an impact on oil prices. China is advantaged due to invention of a natural gas. China is caught in several unrests but collaboration with Russia has them develop state of art devices to detect and track nuclear powered ships. This invention gives China over America and it now desires to gain control of the western pacific.

China launches a cyber attack on US using a virus that cripples the American military. After the US is crippled, Russia launches attacks on an American military base in Okinawa neutralizing the American presence in China. With the help of Russia, China is able to capture Hawaii after a bloody battle thus establishing Hawaii as its Administrative zone. This attack leads to the near-complete destruction of the United States Pacific Fleet.

The phrase ghost fleet refers to an American Navy reserve fleet which the US re-activates as a low technological fallback. The residents of O’ahu and surviving military launch an insurgency against Chinese occupiers. Private companies fuse their efforts with the US to initiate a program to recycle old microchips to negate the effects of those infected by China.

The insurgency ends up with America reclaiming it territory in Hawaii aided by the ghost fleet. The war ends in a status quo with the US recovering from the effects of the conflict while Russia breaks up into a collection of smaller states such as the Moscow People’s Republic.

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