Reflective essay

Facts to consider when writing a Reflective essay

A reflective essay is described as an analytical piece of writing that is characterized by a description of the facts that made up the event which is essentially setting the scene followed by a reflection where the student evaluates the experience.

In writing the reflective essay, it is important for the student to not only critically examine the essay question and identify the event or experience that one will reflect.

A reflective paper begins with an introduction that is characterized a thesis statement that critically illustrates the major points of the reflection and also presents to the readers a preview of the essay’s content without revealing many details.

The body of the essay includes the student’s personal experiences with the student being asked to critically explain a specific way that the experience had an impact on his attitude or actions.

In this regard, the use of specific details from the experience will be critical in clearly demonstrating the student’s area of growth. It is also important to note that reflective essays often require the student to talk about the skills and responses that have been strengthened by exposure to this experience.

A reflective essay conclusion should detail how the student plans to use the knowledge learned from the experience to guide his actions in the future.

Short and long term effects of divorce on children

Short term effects of divorce on children

Currently there is a major concern regarding the increased cases of divorce. Although psychologist were not much interested about the short term effects of divorce on children, it now their major concern as they are impacting negatively on the quality of life  of their children.

They warn parents who are about or just thinking of having a divorce to be much aware of the major long-term and short-term effects the action may have on the children.

Children are trouble by the course of divorce and feel below short-term effects

  • Children are too young to understand the whole situation therefore; they might take the blame and feel responsible of the problem
  • The effects may be far taken to school and friends and more often children become uncooperative, aggressive and violent
  • Lashing both partners and they end up being disrespectful
  • Stress and if not checked ends up to depression
  • Ability to concentrate at school affecting the performance and schoolwork
  • Anger and resentment resurfaces and it always directed to the parents due to the split up
  • Fear of abandoned and sometimes they isolate themselves due to fear of suffering
  • Loss and grief may arise
  • Occurrence, increase or re-emergence of wetting bed if the child is young

Scholarship essay

What makes a great Scholarship essay from start to conclusion

Scholarship essays present the opportunity for judges to learn more about the personality of the applicant since it presents a clear definition of the interests and value systems of the applicant and why the scholarship is important to the applicant to get the scholarship.

The essay should have a clear outline since this is often the key towards writing an organized and clear essay. The essay should have an introductory sentence that states the applicant’s name as well as the name of the scholarship which the student is applying for.

This should be followed by a description of the educational objectives and career goals. In this case, the student must identify his major, explain why he selected this major, the impact this degree will have on their career plans as well as their future plans.

The essay must also provide a brief background of the applicant his interests and the situations and factors that led him to the present day. In this part, the student must provide clear examples that describe their character and strengths and must include interests such as hobbies and volunteer work.

The student must also describe the reason why he needs the scholarship and the difference that it will make. The student can wrap up the essay using a few sentences.


The future of US and UK consumers spending habits

US and UK consumers spending habits

According to this article, British and American consumers have diverse spending habits and marketers can target them when campaigning for their products.

UK consumers are pessimists about the future and they have embraced recession more than their US counterparts have. US spenders are likely to spend three times more than the UK spenders. This is both an opportunity and warning to the brands.

Generally, any consumer is willing to spend a fortune if they thought the product is worth but they aren’t willing to flitter their cash. It’s like the retailer has to go an extra mile convincing them the worthwhile of making the purchase.

Americans are not much careful when spending their money and they are much comfortable compared to their counterparts across the pond. Americans are more optimistic in their view and any challenge is seen as the road that will lead them to a better future.

Although they are faced with uncertainties, it does not hinder their heavy spending. UK consumers are not quite confident about their future and they are more focused about saving for it.

Despite the pessimistic nature of the UK consumers, they are more focused on home improvements. They spend much to improve the quality of their house making it a plus to people who are in the sector.

4 positive outcomes of the Oregon clean air act

Positive mandate of Oregon clean air act

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is the regulatory agency mandated with the job of protecting and enhancing the quality of environment in Oregon.

To further support the duty, Air Quality Monitoring section in the laboratory section DEQ the laboratory division responsible for giving accurate scientific data regarding the state of Oregon’s air Quality.

The division ensures that National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) as required by the federal clean air act.DEQ assess pollutants level in different sites by using different measuring equipments throughout the state of Oregon.

As part of particulate speciation and toxic sampling DEQ monitors for Federal Air Act by monitoring nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Total suspended particulate, Ozone, Lead, fine particulate and others. Oregon clean Air act is prohibiting smoking at workplaces. Restaurants, workplaces and bars mare smoke free places.

The Oregon Clean air Act is prohibiting smoking from the areas to ensure they protect the employees and people working in such places. The act prohibits an individual smoking within ten feet from entrance, exit, public places, ventilations, open window and intakes of work places.

Limited exception to the act is to incorporate qualifying cigar bar, smoke shop and a twenty-five percent of motel and hotel rooms.

Economics of higher education research essay

Benefits and Economics of higher education

Frequently in higher education, when we look at admission numbers, they are amassed.  We look at the headcount of learners or the number of full-time learners or the amount of new learners or transfer learners.

Still, we look more and more at the reduction price, once more by different classes of learners. We recognize, for example, that normally first time full-time learners have a high cut rate than transfer learners or part-time learners or on session learners.

Moreover, because of that, we are acquainted with that raises or declines in groups also have outcome repercussions, even if the entire number of learners stays the unchanged.

Some of our institutes admit learners to individual programs within their institution of higher education.  Others, more prevailing in number, admit students to the campus and once admitted, these learners can major in almost any area and can normally switch courses at their judgment.

In those scenarios, there can be massive cost disparities that also can positively or negatively affect the result. Regularly I talk about the significance of being a deliberate community to the level achievable.

Attempting to nature the enrollment, not only by level of student accomplishment and the matching financial/scholarship support dedication but also by major so that that the lesser cost majors can help temperate the higher cost majors and in that way keep training intensification somewhat in check.

In addition, if we can include prospect contributions by major to our equation, we can be still classier in our scrutiny.

The digestive system and how it works.

Makeup of the digestive system and how it works.

The digestive system is the system in the body that takes care of all the food that we consume and puts it into good use in the body. It is made up of the gastrointestinal tract also known as the digestive tract. It is made up of the liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is a group of hollow organs joined in a long twisting tube from the mouth to the anus. The organs that make up the (GI) tract include the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestines, large intestines which includes the anus and the rectum.

We get food into the body through the mouth here the food is broken down into smaller pieces through chewing. Also the digestion of starches begins here because the saliva has an enzyme that aids in this. The saliva also helps in moistening the food so that it can move down more easily in the esophagus.

Once we swallow the food it passes through the esophagus in a process called peristalsis, which is an involuntary movement of this muscular tube in wave like movements in order to allow food to get to the stomach. Once in the stomach the food is mixed with the digestive juices. Glands in the stomach lining produce acids that kill any harmful pathogens in the food and also produce enzymes that aid in the digestion of proteins. Food stays in the stomach for three to four hours and by then it has been turned into a creamy liquid called chyme.

Subsequently the chyme goes into the duodenum which is the first part of the small intestines here the digestion of starch continues with the help of digestive juices from the liver and pancreas. Also the digestion of fats and proteins happens here.

Consequently the food is moved to the ileum as its digestion is complete. The soluble particles are absorbed into the bloodstream including water and mineral salts through the ileum and transported into different parts of the body for use or for further chemical breakdown.

The waste material passes the small intestines and is taken to the large intestines where further absorption of water and mineral salts occurs then the dry waste is taken to the anus for excretion. Therefore digestion is complete!

Similarities and differences between male and female entrepreneurs

Differences and similarities between male and female entrepreneurs

Currently it normal to hear of a male entrepreneur striking it big with a massive company he started just as a garage in his house. Think of facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who we see posing in front of huge crowd explaining to investors about the latest buzz in technology.

He is a giant in innovations and he has a great influence in this technology arena. As we often hear about such female entrepreneur, we less hear about women. Sure, we are aware of the likes of Oprah Winfrey, but the industry is far much crowded by men.

Until recently, an article pointed out the new era of female entrepreneurship. There is a lot of making emerging with smart innovative ideas, products and services to global heights and they are doing great by building new brands. It’s a great idea for women to get into this male dominated arena but what is so similar or different that is giving them an edge over the male counterpart.

First, is the age between the male and female entrepreneur. Well, consider the earlier example I had pointed out concerning Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was a college drop out in his early twenties when he started facebook.

In short, majority of male entrepreneur tend to be young while their counterparts tend to venture into the course a bit older. Probably at their mid forties or early fifties.

Second difference worth noting is the mode of sourcing funds to establish their business. Due to male entrepreneur age, they tend to utilize angel investors i.e. from their grandparents, parents to get their business off the ground.

Similarities between the male and female entrepreneur are, they both don’t get enough time to be with their families and they both have enough money from their businesses to live their dream life and support their families.

Novartis Case Study

Novartis Case Study

Novartis dedicated to serving society and the patient through providing them with innovative health care solution aimed at addressing the emerging needs. The company offers wide variety of eye care products, innovative medicine, diagnostic tools, cost saving generic products, over the counter products, preventive medicines and Animal health products in over one hundred and forty countries. The company strives in creating value via responsible business.

Novartis patent case study.

Patent is an intellectual property ownership tool that is applied to safeguard any innovation by an inventor. Patency period lasts for twenty years from the time patent application form is filled. For any pharmaceutical product to be granted patent, it has to posse character originality. Why patent? First,  for any pharmaceutical company it prevents any other person from using the same invention for any commercial purpose, secondly it guarantees distribution of information and finally, it encourages long-term research and financial risk.

Form the case of Novartis being a world leader in pharmaceutical products it invented a new kind of cancer drug and filled a patent application. The new cancer drug called glivec a very expensive drug was already featured in the market but the company decided to, alter the formula slightly and seek patent using the altered version.

The Indian patent Act prohibits patents of new version of known drug molecules. In addition, the companies in India produce drugs that are relatively cheap to its consumers. The issues with Glivec included it patency validity and whether ever greening was involved.

In the judgment, its patency claim was rejected on the basis that a simple modification does not warrant novelty to the applied product as it has no better results than the already existing product. Since the patency of the original product had expired, Glivec was to be sold at a cheaper rate in the market.

DaVita health care Inc

DaVita, Inc dedication to quality healthcare services

In United States of America, kidney diseases have increased in the last few decades. The increase mainly contributed by the gradually changing lifestyle in many households. Although the increase is alarming treatment and management in this new era has taken a new dimension.

DaVita health care Inc, one of the leading providers of dialysis services is dedicated and committed to improving the health of the patients by giving them quality health care services. The health care provider through a team of dedicated professions and experts in the area has helped set standards in clinical care and operational practices globally.

Dialysis is an expensive kidney care. It is estimated that a few people with the disease can access the retreatment due to elevated cost. However, with DaVita they have revolutionized the whole sector and made dialysis services affordable and accessible to all. In addition, they help manage the disease if it reaches to chronic levels.

Some of the services offered at DaVita include;

  • Home peritoneal dialysis- offered to patients with end stage renal disease. Helps improve the health of the patient.
  • Home hemodialysis-very popular to its benefits
  • In-center nocturnal dialysis-offered in the dialysis center
  • In-center dialysis-effective to those people whose kidney is fully damaged

Kent Thiry the CEO DaVita who truly changed the company to its current status after the 2005 rumored collapse of the company  went further ahead and is considering on how to integrate the workers from the recent Gambro care without altering the company unconventional and robust culture.

.Since he acquired Gambro together with the employees DaVita size doubled in size after the full integration process was completed. Although the integration is aimed at increasing profits, the company was worried about the impacts as the employees feared Thiry critical of new arrival culture or they be allowed to operate on their own.