What was the main reason for targeting the Japanese American community?

What was the main reason for targeting the Japanese American community?  Was this reason based on facts or irrational perceptions?

The main reason for targeting the Japanese American community was as a result of prejudice, stereotype and fear. The reason was an illogical perception. After the Chinese suppression in United States, Japanese started being recruited in America as laborers. They were recruited in cane field of Hawaii and in vegetable and fruits farms in California. In United States their labor was welcomed as far as they remained docile but by the moment they showed signs of resistance whites perceived them as a threat and they feared being dominated.

Since the American labor union denied membership to any person of Asian ancestry, Japanese and Mexican farm laborers formed independent union and in 1903 they conducted a successful strike in California. In addition, Japanese laborers through labor contracting organizations negotiated for higher pay and they soon achieved. With age parity equal to the white workers they acquired enough money enough for leasing or buying farmland. Like the Chinese they were able to emerge rich and developed their agricultural land (Steven, High and Arundel 4).

Later the anti-Japanese campaign commenced. Mob arson and assault and other acts of lawlessness and violence began. Japanese were forcibly expelled from their farm land and later all the prejudices were institutionalized into law. As their predecessors, Japanese were prohibited from marrying whites, denied citizenship, their children were to attend segregated schools, they were denied the right from certain occupations and some laws that were mainly targeted to segregate them were enforced like they were denied the right to lease or own any land.

According to Gannis (87) Even after the exclusions the Japanese population still never decreased and quite a considerable number was married to the whites thus they remained permanent citizens. This resulted to the formation of Japanese American generation. However, the American still intensified their efforts to expel the Japanese and during this time mass media emerged as another strong weapon in this fight.

Soon motion pictures, radio, newspapers started stereotyping Japanese American as inassimilable and untrustworthy. The mass media hated the fact that the Japanese American in US as American valid citizens. As the Japan emerged as a military power the media falsely portrayed Japanese American as Japan agents. The disease of prejudice was spread all over America. With the denied access to media, the Japanese American was unable to fight the prejudice and false stereotype.



Just like in every other field of life, planning is the most important aspect. In organizations, planning helps to chart a course for the achievement of its goals. The whole process begins with the reviewing of current operations of the organization and identifying what needs to be improved operationally in the upcoming year.

From there onwards, planning involves envisioning the results the organization wants to achieve, and determining the steps necessary to arrive at the intended destination-success, whether that is measured in financial terms, or goals that include being the highest-rated organization in customer satisfaction.

All organizations, large and small, have limited resources. The planning process provides the information top management needs to make effective decisions about how to allocate the resources in a way that will enable the organization to reach its objectives. Productivity is maximized and resources are not wasted on projects with little chance of success.

Setting of goals that challenge everyone in the organization to strive for better performance is one of the key aspects of the planning process. Goals must be aggressive, but realistic. Organizations should not allow themselves to become too satisfied with how they are currently doing or they are likely to lose ground to competitors.

The goal setting process can be a wake-up call for managers that have become complacent. It is also advisable that the management includes the employees in goal setting so that they feel obliged to achieve them. Planning in any organization contributes to the ultimate success of the business.



Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is also known as chronic obstructive lung disease and chronic obstructive airway disease, among others. It is a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by chronically poor airflow. It typically worsens over time. The main symptoms include shortness of breath, cough, and sputum production. Most people with chronic bronchitis have COPD.

Tobacco smoking is the most common cause of COPD, with a number of other factors such as air pollution and genetics playing a smaller role.  In the developing world, one of the common sources of air pollution is from poorly vented cooking and heating fires. Long-term exposure to these irritant causes an inflammatory response in the lungs resulting in narrowing of the small airways and the breakdown of lung tissue known as emphysema.

COPD can be prevented by reducing exposure to the known causes. This includes efforts to decrease rates of smoking and to improve indoor and outdoor air quality. COPD treatments include; quitting smoking, vaccinations, rehabilitation, and often inhaled bronchodilators and steroids. Some people may benefit from long-term oxygen therapy or lung transplantation.

In those who have periods of acute worsening, increased use of medicines and hospitalization may be needed. Worldwide, COPD affects 329 million people or nearly 5% of the population. In 2012, it ranked as the third-leading cause of death, killing over 3 million people. The number of deaths is projected to increase due to higher smoking rates and an aging population in many countries.



Pineoblastoma is one of several different types of tumors that arise in the area of the pineal gland, requiring different therapies. The exact diagnosis is critical for choosing the correct therapy.

Pineal tumors typically present with hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid pressure within the brain. When it comes to identifying this particular disease, there are a number of tests that can be carried out but the most efficient and most approved method is the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain.

It will show the location, the size and the shape of the tumor. In the last 20 years, magnetic resonance imaging has proved to be the most informative imaging procedure for determining the anatomical localization of the mass, its relationship to adjacent vascular structures, and its spread by either direct invasion or subarachnoid dissemination.

Both CT scans and MRIs however lack specificity as to the histological nature of the tumor. It may however be popular for being highly accurate in determining the presence of a pineal region mass. New in the diagnostic field is magnetic resonance spectroscopy that has the role of evaluating pineal region tumors.

It is currently relatively unknown but indeed promising. When it comes to matters of determining the nature and position of the tumor, the use of MRI to do this is clearly the best there is.



The universities have their own different cultures that are related to their histories. As one gets to the university the first time it is usually a joyful moment. But as life starts to move on the university and life becomes a challenge since the students have moved to a new place away from their people.

Moreover, the culture of the university can transform the life of the first year in a positive or negative way depending on how one adapts to it.  Because of this factors the following tips may be of great assistance in helping you to adjust to the university culture;

  • It is very crucial to always remain yourself in the university. This will help you to be proud of your way of living and not to be bothered by the way your colleagues are living around the university.
  • Since you will be meeting with new people that you have never interacted with in the university be always open –minded. This is going to help you adapt very easily to their cultures.
  • With keenness survey the university culture.
  • Always be tolerant with any new situations that you may come across in the university
  • You will also need to be positive and also seek help from your university student guidance and counseling centre on any situation that you are not able to handle on your own.

Finally, let the university culture transform your years to the betterment of the future.


Effects of media technologies on Arab world

The media technologies are always interconnected with the daily practices and the cultures. In the Arab countries the media technologies are applied in the changing nature of production the political monetary flows and the increasing subjects on mobility. Also, the social media has greatly transformed the social, cultural and media life of the Arabs.

The top media technology used in the Arab is face book followed by twitter and finally YouTube.  These individuals therefore have greatly led to the widespread of new information sources in the Arab culture. This has existed despite the existing regulations on the usage the social media cites.

In addition the increased media technologies in those Arab countries have also led to raise in the privacy issues on the online users especially on their sensitive private issues. With these challenges the social and cultural aspects of the citizens have been at stake.

Moreover, media technologies have also led to political uprisings among the Arabs. This happened in a way that the social media was the key media used in mobilizing people towards this uprisings. In countries like Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, media technologies have been of use by the Protestants in following the activities and getting information about the progress of the actors.

In conclusion, the media technologies have greatly contributed to the exchange of the ideas and openness. Media has also acted as the means of communication in the Arab world. State dialogues have too been promoted by the media technologies.



Education system in the world is now speculating advancement with the use of tablets to replace classroom textbooks. Teachers, students and general body of educators are having high anxiety about the integration of tablets in enhancing education.

However much some instructors can be technophobic, every individual needs to experience tables replacing textbooks in teaching learning scenario. Nevertheless, when people meditate whether should tablets replace textbooks in classroom, what are some benefits of using the tablets?

Should tablets replace textbooks in classroom, then the system of education is going to be appealing. This is because the tablets are very portable gadgets and they can be classified powerful than textbooks. Unlike the textbooks, they can be connected to the network as well as remain colorful and attractive to the users.

Should tablets replace textbooks in classroom? Is a concern that many scholars and educators have wanted to unfold clearly. But the answer is simple; using tablets in classroom is advancing the process of content delivery and can apply best if integrated. Moreover, tablets have cameras that can take pictures and videos. They are very crucial as they make it easy for students to use models that having 3 dimensions.

Should tablets replace textbooks in classroom? Means that, tablets are cheapest compared to computers. The educators and students are able to carry the tablets with all the notes of all subjects easily compared to bulky textbooks.

Finally, the learning would prefer replace of tablets to books rather than computers because students are not able to hide behind them.

Movie critique: Forrest Gump

Topic: Movie critique: Forrest Gump.

“Life is like a chocolate box you don’t know what you are going to get inside”. But when you watch the movie Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks (starring) as the Forrest and Robin Wright as Jenny you’re sure to get batch of laughs as well as few tears. The 19994 movie screenplay was scripted by Eric Roth and the theme of the movie was based on the novel written by Winston Groom.

The story is about Forrest’s thirty years of tribulations and trials and he is placed within historical moments of history, and in hunt of his dream regarding Jenny who is a special friend. During the time the movie won Oscar awards-Robert Zemeckis as the best Director, Hanks as the best actor, best picture, adapted screenplay, visual effects and film editing (Washington post 1).


Forrest Gump is an easy man whose intelligence quotient is low, but with good intents. Through childhood he runs with his only best friend Jenny. His mother trains him the approaches of life and leaves him to decide his destiny. He joins the army, makes new friends called Bubba and Dan in Vietnam, Forrest wins medals, motivates people to jog, writes songs and bumper stickers, donate to people, starts a ping pong craze and he severally meet the president. Regardless of all the achievement Gump only thinks of Jenny Curran the childhood sweetheart. Jenny has cluttered up her life. But as the movie ends he demonstrates that anybody can love anybody.


A major factor in the film is the ability of the films’ actors to showcase their own characters. Robin Wright and Tom Hanks worked excellently. The on screen chemistry between Forrest and Jenny was quite phenomenal. A real connection is felt between the two, but when Jenny blows Forrest off and in tears when he breaks the news he is going to Vietnam, it just makes someone mad. Hanks is a Forrest Gump-he inhales life into the man and you will experience what Forrest experiences (Berardinelli 1). Another piece that stands out is the scene where Gary Sinise acts the role of a Lieutenant Taylor Dan, who is saved by Forrest during the Vietnam War.


The movie Forrest Gump deserves all the awards because of its extraordinary visual effects and the acting. All the actors in the movie have portrayed their characters quite well. For instance, you will be convinced by Sinise emotions as he behaves as if he has lost both legs during the Vietnam War. This only portrays how incredible special effects were. Lieutenant Dan Taylor’s scene leaves one convinced that he lost both legs (Travers 1).

Placing Forrest in history making events has made the movie more credible. Some of the events include meeting the president for various missions, training Elvis how to swing the hips. Actually Forrest’s clips are done pretty well with such fineness of looking real. All the clips are flawless. Watching Forrest Gump is enjoyable as it portrays someone with realistic values of sincerity, family and companionship. Although Forrest has a low IQ, he shows a heart of gold and never gives. In every scenario he hopes for the best.

The good thing we can learn from the movie Forrest Gump is we should never be afraid to be honest. As Forrest does, he says everything that is in his mind and that helped many realize who they really were. It is better to tell people we care about most how we feel about them. Forrest never hesitated expressing and demonstrating his affection. Never be afraid to love. Love deeply and never fear being hurt.

As Forrest does not over think about the love he has for Jenny because he just loves. In addition, never be afraid to loose. What one believes in can achieve. Like Forrest did he went anywhere and believed he was an achiever. Finally, we are the one to define our destiny.


From the movie we learn that everyone has a destiny and we should never give up. Although Forrest has Low IQ he has accomplished much in life. As Forrest, we should be brave, loyal and honest. Forrest’s ability for hope is well rubbed off on us by Zemeckis.

Should the U.S government be able to wiretap without letting its citizens know?

Research question: Should the U.S government be able to wiretap without letting its citizens know?

Purpose: The main purpose of this work is to establish whether the US government should be controlled and be limited to wiretap to prevent it from abusing and misusing it powers when it is allowed or it should be permitted to wiretap for the good of its citizens.

Bias check: First of all the topic interests me because I believe if one have nothing to hide then there is nothing to fear. Second, wiretapping has been utilized positively to curb criminal activities since it has been or will be used to unveil committed crimes thus providing evidence of the purported crime. Therefore, I would support wiretapping if it is only done in consideration to criminal activities since terrorists commit illegal activities affecting and killing innocent citizens then the US government law allow wiretapping without the citizen’s knowledge.


Should the U.S government be able to wiretap without letting its citizens know? With advanced technology like wiretapping the governments can now reach beyond it border in an attempt to protect all the citizens like never before. However with the new technology like wiretapping, the main question that arises regards their legality. For instance in 1960s and 70s the US government participated in wiretapping. Widespread wiretapping programs were used to spy groups thought to be a threat to the government. However it went ahead spying Dr Luther King Jr. which brought it to wild criticism and it was brought to analysis by first considering what the American constitution says about wiretapping. The essay will establish whether the US government should be controlled and be limited to wiretap so as to prevent it from abusing and misusing it powers when it is allowed or it should be permitted to wiretap for the good of its citizens.

Wiretapping is useful in defending American citizens

The American government has the powers to use any means to protect the American citizens from any form of terrorism. Monitoring of any criminal activities by the government agencies at any time from any place in the state has been enabled thus reducing crime levels (Sinyapkin, 2014) Thus for them to accomplish their task successfully wiretapping should be at the forefront. However, wiretapping is viewed as a violation of citizen’s privacy striking unending debate of those for and against. With the army in place and all other resources set aside to defend the country’s peace and security, America still faces terrorist threats and attacks. This implies that much effort is required to defend the country. This brings us to the ultimate need to use wiretapping technology.

Intelligence agencies should use wiretapping technology to monitor those planning to harm innocent citizens. War on terror is not like any other war which has been fought by the Americans. The enemy is quite fast, slippery and the rules are quite fuzzy. In addition, the very homeland has turned out to be the place for hiding and planning attacks. Given such reasons the American government requires the power to wiretap. After the September 11 attacks it was quite clear that the American security agencies had very little knowledge about Al Qaeda plots to attack the WTO. They could neither detect the terror group operative entry nor could they predict where they were planning to strike. The only solution is to wiretap and detect any follow up attacks (Mullikin and Rahman, 2010).

Some laws cannot address terrorism because they are outdated. However, creating new laws does not mean to hinder any military operations. Therefore for the American government to consistently address the issue of insecurity, it is important to continuously monitor all the communication and particularly those suspected to be from terrorists plus all their communication channels. For the government to achieve this it requires support from the citizens and it starts by supporting the new laws that allow the government wiretap. The citizens should as well comply with the government requirements as well as supporting any constitution amendment without hesitation (Sinyapkin, 2014).

Wiretapping interferes with individual privacy

The main nervousness behind wiretapping is that the US government gathers and keeps forever huge amount of individual information thus bringing the main fear of whether citizens are moving towards an era where the government knows everything about the citizens? With such fear the main question arises whether it’s possible for the government to keep all the citizens safe and at the same time not overstep the borders of person privacy as granted by the US constitution? The way people define privacy has changed over time but generally privacy can be understood as the right of keeping personal information free from being tampered with.

In current world we witness personal privacy being tampered with all the time. This has been done through unsolicited phone videos and pictures being taken without our permission, spoofing, identity theft, spamming and so forth. During this high technology era, citizens believe they have minimal control over their privacy. They can turn off their cookies, use of blocking tools, prosecuting identity thieves etc. However, an area they don’t have control over is the government surveillance. Constitutionally, it is the right of every citizen to enjoy their privacy as far as they are not violating any law (Stewart, 2014).

According to Stewart (2014) the government has overtime wiretapped people conversations often and the information obtained used in court rooms. She further claims government using wiretaps is an orthodox way of getting information. Therefore as the government has wiretaps today it will continue using the same technology in future thus putting individual privacy at a risk. Therefore if US government is allowed to wiretap, it will take control of every aspect of its citizen life thereby implementing total rule as well as doing away with the known constitution that guarantees privacy (McFarland, 2012)


Both notes agree with the fact that wiretaps are used by the US government for the benefits of the citizens thus it is here to stay. The US government has used wiretaps reduce terrorist attacks as well as using tapped conversations used in court rooms. Therefore wiretapping technology is there to stay for the benefit of every citizen. However, the difference is wiretapping has been used to interfere with privacy of individuals but the first text tends to view such interference as a benefit to the US government.


Interfering with individuals’ privacy leaves them more vulnerable to large institutions as well as the government’s unfair manipulation thus restricting individuals’ autonomy. The war against wiretapping is not dying soon as one side believes it is the right of the government to protect the state from any terrorists attack while other believes freedom is much important and the constitution rights should never be compromised. But according to my take wiretaps use without the knowledge of the citizens should be allowed.

Discussing challenges of teaching students with EDB

Challenges of EDB and issues of teaching students


Currently the classroom environment is ever changing the objective of the paradigm in which academic success is reflected on. There is no exception in the special education environment and therefore for the special education students to adequately cope with the changes, they require special attention to address changes in their SPED programs. More often, vague disabilities like for instance emotional behaviors disorders (EBD) go unnoticed because of the fluency of the signs. Well, when there is a challenge of not clearly detecting students considered EBD, how can a SPED team prove their capacity to provide support and intermediary services? The essay will discuss and review EBD and issues that surround diagnostic concern relating to the student.

The main challenge special education teachers face with EBD students is to intercede using behavioral and evidence based approaches so that the students succeeds in school as well as maintain a satisfactory adult and peer relationship. This is a key consideration as one of the determinant that is very universal to having an EBD diagnosis. The fact hinders the student’s capability to function socially and academically. EBD according to Behavior disorder (2008) is a condition experienced by a child who is having behavior issues or emotional problems and particularly it refers to the child’s education experience.

Early 19th century such children were described demon possessed, idiots, morons, intellectually disabled, imbeciles or insane. They were often isolated in the society. However in 1975 a definition of children with ED was provided and more than 350,000 students of ages 6-21years were provided with special education and other related services were enrolled in American public schools under the group of emotional disturbance.

Health, physical or intellectual factors can not be used to explain failure to learn. A student may show signs of social awkwardness and often the student is denied a chance to build and maintain a healthy relationship with the teachers and the peers. Under normal circumstance a student may display inappropriate feelings and behaviors such as acting out or even fighting. Also it is observed that students may also express feelings of unhappiness, fear and depression. The given peculiar behaviors my also be accompanied by learning disabilities.

When it comes to EBD the teacher in the classroom environment is always the first one to recognize emotional and behavioral issues that are revealed in class. Generally the students become disruptive, impulsive, aggressive and displays deviant and under controlled behaviors. A fourteen year old male sophomore student diagnosed with EBD; he’s often very insulting, disruptive, talks back and curses teachers. The students home life contributes to these diagnose.

When teachers are working with students with EBD stressors are often experienced. They manifest as immature expectations, in community, parental support, themselves or in administration. Education teachers regularly lack the expertise required to deal with such unexpected behaviors and outbursts from such students.

The outcome is a tense classroom which is usually disrupted. This is because other student will respond to such behaviors and with time they will act out themselves. Being successful depends on turning around such a scenario. One way is to write a behavioral plan. A verbal warning should follow that particular student. Also an outlet for calming down should be available to give the student a chance collect his or herself.

Teaching such students social skills is another resolution. The skills are thought to be taught naturally or at home. If a student shows positive behavior he or she should be rewarded. Also breaks sessions should be valued. Communicating with parents should be often. This is crucial in knowing the progress of the students. Teaching student’s etiquette will also help in their relationship both in class and outside.

Students with EBD have variety of concerns through out their life. First, maintaining a healthy relationship is a challenge to them, second, keeping a gainful employment is hard and finally they frequently suffer depression. However with the current research such people can be helped as well as educating regular people how to deal and understand people with emotional behavior disorders.


With suggestions that students with EBD have learning disability, not all with learning disabilities have EBD. Thus it’s important for professionals to come out and train teachers how to deal with both parties and later understand those with emotional behaviors disorders.