Topic: Psychosocial Development Activities


Prior to completing this assignment, read Chapter 11 and 12 and Section 14.1 and 14.5 in your textbook and read The Development of Adolescent Social Cognition

The purpose of this assignment is for you to continue working on elements that will become part of your Community Center Proposal Final Project. This week, you will be creating three activities that will become part of the infant room, early childhood room, and adolescent room of your center that address psychosocial development.

Using Erikson’s and/or Kohlberg’s theories of psychosocial and moral development, you will continue to build your Community Center Proposal by identifying activities that promotes psychosocial development.
Focus on the primary developmental tasks of each age period.
For each of the three activities, write a paragraph that addresses the following:

Describe the age appropriate activity in some detail as it relates to developmental theory (provide more than just the name of the activity).

Identify the specific concept from psychosocial theory that supports the use of this activity.

Identify how the activity enhances psychosocial development (this can be emotional, cultural, and moral development) in the child and adolescent.

Topic: Leadership paper ELON MUSK

Assignment Two – Individual Assignment – Academic Essay (70%)
The individual assignment is an academic essay based on a leader of your choice– your leader must be from one of the visitor economy sectors. The word limit for this assignment is 2500 words.

The chosen leader will be on ELON MUSK

Assignment Two –Title: A critical essay based on a leadership case study
Your essay should include the following components.

1) Using your chosen leader as a case study, write an essay that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership approaches shown by your chosen leader.
a. This should discuss a range of their leadership styles and how your leader has dealt with issues at the workplace, especially in adverse situations
b. And how they could have handled this better

2) You are expected to discuss the different competencies and skills that are required for leaders in a modern customer orientated workforce, giving examples

3) Using a personality or leadership style questionnaire (as a self-reflection tool), outline how your own personal leadership style could be of use in difficult organisational situations (or has been previously in organisational situations you have been in). You should draw this from a relevant customer-oriented industry.

As for part 3, some of the leadership positions which I took were

o Management trainee intern at D’Resort Singapore where I was rotated among various departments such as housekeeping, front-office, revenue, and reservations. Gained an insight throughout the multiple departments and was given the opportunity to supervise as well as manage staff. This has provided me with the confidence level that I need.

o Social Media secretary of The Singapore Society, where I helped with the marketing perspective by engaging with current members as well as new members in order to grow a greater community presence. Widespread usage of social media has also taught me how to properly market my society and hitting targets such as attracting many new members for the socity.

o Le Cordon Bleu student, where I was given the leadership role to lead a kitchen. This has a huge emphasis on responsibility, pressure, co-ordination and teamwork where the correct roles had to be implemented in order for the process to operate smoothly. The characteristic traits that I picked up from culinary school had no doubt, proved to be of beneficial use in whatever roles that I am asked to carry out.

Marking Criteria Assignment Two Weighting
Detailed understanding and demonstration of a broad range of relevant leadership theories and sources are critically analysed and applied to the case study

Identification of which type of leadership approach(es) or style(s) are prevalent – with clear examples and justification

Strengths and weaknesses of leadership approach are clearly outlined

Sound, commercial and clear recommendations are made
Clear understanding of the competencies and skills required of leaders in the visitor economy and related industries.

Appropriate and current examples are given 20%
Self-reflection of how your own leadership approach and style is prevalent in adverse work-based situations

Examples provided, evaluated and insightful self-reflection and awareness shown
Presentation – Essay format:
Relevance, flow, coherence of arguments
Arguments and ideas presented in a clear, accurate and interesting manner with appropriate and accurate references and a wide range of academic and non-academic sources used

A sound introduction and conclusion are given 10%
Overall Mark 100%

Reading list

Essential Reading

Northouse, P.G. 2016. Leadership: Theory and Practice, 7th Edition. Sage
Publications. 6th(2013), 7th(2016) or 8th(2019 edition are acceptable)

Recommended Reading
Rowe, W.G. and Guerrero, L. 2013. Cases in Leadership, 3rd edition. Sage

Sheppardson, C. and Gibson, H (2011) Leadership and entrepreneurship in
the hospitality industry. Oxford :Goodfellows Publishers

Goldblatt, J.J. (2005) Special Events Event Leadership for a New World. 4th

Ferraro, J. (2014) The Strategic Project Leader Mastering Service-Based
Project Leadership, 2nd ed. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.

Background Reading

House, R. J., Hanges, P.J., Javidan, M., Dorfman, P. W., and Gupta V. 2004.
Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The GLOBE Study of 62 Societies.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Peters, M. (2012) Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism. Hoboken : Taylor
and Francis

Fisher, William P. (2010) Executive decisions : hospitality case studies in
leadership, ethics, employee relations and external relations, 2nd ed.
Lansing, Mich. : American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

Riggio, R.E., Murphy, S.E., and Pirozzolo, F.J. 2002. Multiple intelligences
and leadership. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Van der Wagen, L. and Davies, C. (2007). Supervision and leadership in
tourism and hospitality. Andover: Cengage Learning

Topic: The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland & The Victorian Era: Discuss how Carroll satirizes the treatmnt of children in the Victorian society through satireTopic: The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland & The Victorian Era: Discuss how Carroll satirizes the treatmnt of children in the Victorian society through satire

Topic: The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland & The Victorian Era: Discuss how Carroll satirizes the treatmnt of children in the Victorian society through satire

You must include outside, scholarly source material. You must have a clear thesis. Your essay must demonstrate a clear argument. You must include a works cited page.

Topic: PSA Memo Analysis


In this assignment for my Management cource, you will be creating a PSA Memo Analysis. I have provided 2 documents, one with an example from the teacher, the other document with detailed instructions, and how she grades her assignments along with all the other important information needed. You are allowed to pick any PSA topic of your choice, and then can go on to creating the formal Memo Analysis of that PSA topic you choose. In the instructions it says their are 2 parts, 1st part to create a video of the PSA topic chosen, please just skip that part. Simply choose the PSA topic of your choose and move on to the 2nd part. Please try make 2 full pages along with detailed info. No errors please.

English Renaissance


English Renaissance
Close Analysis Essay

Length: 4-5 pages total (a minimum of 3 full pages of analysis, and approximately 2 pages of passage/paraphrase)

This essay is a close analysis of a passage from Titus Andronicus
Your essay will be composed of two parts:

1. an original paraphrase of one passage not to exceed thirty consecutive lines

2. a close analysis of that passage, focused by an argumentative thesis statement, which pays VERY close attention to the passage’s language by analyzing its function, conflicts, tone, imagery, word choice, etc. Your essay should relate the passage, and your analysis of it, to the larger issues at stake in the play. Consider why your passage is important. Does it foreshadow future events or explain earlier ones? Does it provide important insights into particular characters? Don’t try to discuss the whole play; just consider how your close analysis of the passage is important to an interpretation of one aspect of the play. Be careful to avoid providing summary of the plot instead of analysis—you need to dig deeper than that, and the layout of this assignment is designed to help you do this.

Here are the steps you should take to complete this assignment:

1. After your heading information and essay title, type out your passage in its original language, observing the line breaks of the verse and attributing dialogue properly. Don’t forget to include the title of the play and the act, scene, and line numbers.

2. Now paraphrase the passage (if your passage is 30 lines, your paraphrase should be close to that too) by putting the sense of each line into a new sentence structure with your own vocabulary. If you don’t know some of the words, or they seem to be used in a way you are unfamiliar with, look them up in the Oxford English Dictionary—in the analysis portion of the assignment you can use what you’ve learned from the OED to further your analysis of the passage. You aren’t interpreting meaning here; you are just restating what is being said in your own words. The process of restating and translating the original will help explain meaning, but it will also distort it; consider what is “lost in translation.”

NOTE: The original passage and your paraphrase should be single-spaced and should probably take up no more than two pages; if they do, keep in mind that you still need to write at least three full double-spaced pages of close analysis.

3. For your analysis, you need to go back to the original passage; hopefully your paraphrase has helped you understand it better. Now consider, very carefully, how and where the passage leads you in interpreting one aspect of the play. Begin by re-identifying the place and passage you analyze (“Othello delivers his final speech in act 5, scene 3, lines 338-56”). Then provide a clear thesis statement that makes a specific argument about your passage. The rest of your essay will give evidence for the thesis through a close reading of the passage’s language.

• Select a passage that is verbally rich and contains at least some figurative language; it should also contribute significantly to the play’s action and meaning.
• Be sure to cite small excerpts of the text frequently as you analyze. Use quotations to support your claims and do not quote large unanalyzed chunks of text.
• Organize your ideas clearly.
• Write clearly, concisely, and without grammatical or proofreading errors.
• Cite properly.
• Consult my handout, “Guidelines for Essays,” for more information on writing essays. You can make use of my office hours at any stage in the process and/or consult one of the writing tutors at the Learning Resource Center. Please note that I do not read and respond to drafts via email—if you cannot make my office hours, I’m happy to schedule a meeting with you at an alternate time.

Chosen Passage

Titus Andronicus: Act 1, scene 1, lines 104-120
Stay, Roman brethren!—Gracious conqueror,
Victorious Titus, rue the tears I shed,
A mother’s tears in passion for her son.
And if thy sons were ever dear to thee,
O think my son to be as dear to me.
Sufficeth not that we are brought to Rome
To beautify thy triumphs and return
Captive to thee and to thy Roman yoke,
But must my sons be slaughtered in the streets
For valiant doings in their country’s cause?
O, if to fight for king and commonweal
Were piety in thine, it is in these!
[She kneels.]
Andronicus, stain not thy tomb with blood.
Wilt thou draw near the nature of the gods?
Draw near them then in being merciful.
Sweet mercy is nobility’s true badge.
Thrice-noble Titus, spare my first-born son.

References must come only from the book!

The book

the passage i chose for my paper was cut off so i uploaded an up dated version
the chosen passage is on page 3
so I’d like one page of paraphrase and three pages of analysis please of that chosen passage

Topic: Documentary photography



I would like you to read this literature review and rewrite it taking it the notes I will provide.
I am aware that the original paper is longer than the page number is the order detail but I imagine you will be copy pasting SOME parts of my lit review so that will take up some extra page space.
I will attach the literature review to attach, you should read it and read the content of the bibliography before reading the notes I am providing below so that you understand what i am referring to.

Below is my review of this literature review that you will use to rewrite it:

This paper details the difference between photojournalism and documentary photography and their various relationships to truth and morality concerning the depiction of and commentary on human suffering.
My evaluation on this literature review is that though i think making distinctions is necessary I do not feel as though I am left with a good knowledge of the field of scholarship around this topic. I think it may be simply a question of rephrasing the paper to sound more like it is directly talking about the scholars it references and not the topic itself.
Here is an example; Susan Sontag is obviously an important reference but i feel it is used it here to interrogate a larger question, rather than simply stating what her overall position in this field is. There are also many people who have continued working in Sontag’s vein of questioning and it is important to find those sources and use them in the rewriting of this literature review.
Also pointing to the concluding paragraph, the argument made here about misconceptions about photojournalism and various ways viewers may interpret images. This is a fine argument to make but I don’t think it has much to do with the synthesising of this field of interest.
Also, please always italicise books and reviews.
Also, since this is meant to be a literature review found at the end of the introduction of a master thesis, I would like you to take out the extra contextualising about documentary photography. That will be found in the introduction that I am writing. An example of this useless contextualising are the bits that explain what documentary photography is, etc…

Make sure to cite everything properly and truly source information you provide that is not yours.
Please don’t disregard the whole paper I provided, take into consideration my notes and find what needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t be sent back to me looking basically the same but you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel either. Make education decisions as to how to fix the issues. Use the existing sources mixed with other sources that you will find based on my notes.

Topic: African American History


1. Respond to three prompts in less than 750 words each (approximately three double- spaced typed pages). In each essay, you should draw on at least 3 of the readings assigned thus far in the course.
3. You must include citations appropriately (MLA, APA, Chicago) from the texts assigned for class. A bibliography is not necessary unless you include outside sources.
5. Ensure that you indicate the number of the question you are answering.
Grading Rubric for Exams
Thesis: ~30%
To get the full points, you must:
1) demonstrate an excellent understanding of the prompt
2) fully answer the question posed
3) demonstrate knowledge of the limitations of your own argument
Evidence: ~30%
To get the full points, you must:
1) use sources that are appropriate to your argument
2) employ 3 sources from the readings on the Syllabus for each answer
Structure: ~30%
To get the full points, you must:
1) use proper grammar
2) use appropriate citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago) 3) employ good organization (e.g., topic sentences)
Creativity: ~10%
To get the full points, you must:
1) Present compelling arguments or interpretations of class material
Part A:
1. Drawing on early American founding documents and theorists, discuss the constructions of race and inequality and how African American writers and intellectuals have responded to them. In doing so, please use two of the following themes: cultural production, education, religion, or reason.
3. Trace two of the following themes across three of the slave narratives we have read this term: gender, race, mobility and freedom. At least one of the texts should be authored by a woman.
6. In the aftermath of the Civil War, the fragile status of the United States was up for grabs in new ways. Write an essay that explores efforts to reconstruct American democracy in the wake of slavery’s end and the political and cultural transformations that ensued in the decades between the end of slavery and the legal doctrine that solidified racial segregation.

Topic: Drafting the US constitution


Complete the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet, in which you will discuss your potential multimedia presentation for Project 3.
Download the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet to help you start Project 3 off on the right foot. Since this course has entailed quite a bit of writing thus far, this assignment provides you with an opportunity to get creative. You have the choice of three tools—Prezi, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word—to present your opinions and observations on the creation and value of historical inquiry as it relates to the work you have done on your first two projects.
Maybe you have always wanted to try Prezi, you are already comfortable using PowerPoint, or you want to format your presentation as a newsletter in Word (feel free to get really creative here and have fun with this). No matter your preference, decide which tool would be the most effective method for you. Complete the worksheet to gather your thoughts around what text, visuals, and audio you might include in your multimedia presentation.
To complete this assignment, review the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet Rubric document.

Topic: Economic Recession in Greece from the years 2009-2014


Topic: Select a 3-5 year period of time and analyze the macroeconomic issues occurring in a foreign country during that period of time. You should be looking for cause and effect issues/impacts. For example: there is some kind of problem in the economy and what is the government’s response and then what is the impact of the government’s response? The same topic will be used for all 3 parts of the project. Objective: To demonstrate an understanding of the root causes of the current economic downturn. Requirement: Write a detailed description of the root causes of the current economic downturn. Remember economic downturns are usually thought of as recessions because these are the most common, but may also include periods of severe (hyper) inflation or stagflation (a simultaneous increase in unemployment and inflation). Within the discussion, please relate the root causes to either market failure or government failure or both. You must include a section (at least 2-3 paragraphs) about how market failure and/or government failure played a role. Submit a report that is 2-3 pages long, typed double-spaced. This report should be well written with a introduction and conclusion and use appropriate citation. To download a version of Word through Open Office click here: Open Office Download (Links to an external site.) Research: Each student will develop and analysis based on the information provided and the questions asked in each activity. Research is required by you. Each project needs to be in a single document (.doc or .pdf formats would work best) Each student will submit a complete economic analysis that must include title page, written analysis and recommendations and work cited/references in a single document. Each student must submit all parts outlined in the instructions. Recommended page length: Each section will be roughly 2-5 pages in length of content, not including works cited or appendices. No late assignment will be accepted. Format: Typed, double-spaced in a readable 12-point font with margins no larger than 1” on all sides. Must use MLA or APA citation format. All references should be cited. I expect a minimum of 3 sources for this section, but most likely you will need many more. Appendices: Source materials must be included in separate appendices such as economic reports that are used to draw conclusions. Other source materials may be included in an appendix if it meets all of the following criteria: 1) the source is relevant to your topic; 2) you refer to the material in written analysis and want the reader to be able to view the full source; and 3) the source material is too long to only use a direct quotation. Need a work cited page and title page.

Topic: Argument Essay- Wheelen, Hunger, and Hoffman’s (2018) strategic auditing framework


The final assignment for MGT 645 requires the creation of a 8 page argument essay.
Recall that Wheelen, Hunger, and Hoffman’s (2018) strategic auditing framework begins on page 34 of the textbook. Although Wheelen, Hunger, and Hoffman’s offer a popular framework, other frameworks exist and are utilized by companies conducting strategic audits.
For this assignment, you will assert, research, and defend/argue for one of the following positions:
• Wheelen, Hunger, and Hoffman (2018) offer a framework allowing any company to conduct a strategic audit.
• Wheelen, Hunger, and Hoffman (2018) offer a framework allowing only particular kinds of companies to conduct a strategic audit.
• Wheelen, Hunger, and Hoffman’s (2018) framework could be improved by __________ (describe the modification to the framework).
You will need to establish a position and then research (collect information, articles, findings, and relevant materials) to support your position.