Critically compare the theoretical perspectives and practical implications of Coase (1937) and Penrose (1959)

Essay topic on “Principles of Management, Part 1”
Please complete the following essay question:
Critically compare the theoretical perspectives and practical implications of Coase (1937)
and Penrose (1959) in terms of their views on (i) the size of firms and (ii) the growth of
Key requirements:
1. You should complete this task using and citing all theories and concepts covered in Part
I of this module – Transaction cost theory of the firm (Coase, 1937), Penrose’s the
theory of the growth of the firm (Penrose, 1959), Adverse selection (Akerlof, 1970),
Agency theory (Eisenhardt, 1989), 5 Forces analysis (Porter, 1980), Resource-based
view of the firm (Barney, 1991), vertical integration and diversification.
2. You should complete this task using relevant organizational examples.
3. Please note that this task is NOT a descriptive summary of those theories (e.g.,
summary of theory A, then theory B, then theory C…..). Rather, those theories should
be used and cited systematically in your discussion and analysis of key theoretical
perspectives and practical implications initiated by Coase (1937) and Penrose (1959).
Key points to remember
(1) Your essay should be submitted online.
(2) Please see SFM Assessment Guidelines, for information about the
regulations relating to coursework (submission, late submission, plagiarism and word count).
(3) The deadline date and time for essay submission is on Monday 6 January 2020 at 11.59
(4) Word limit: 3,000 words excluding references.
Assessment guidelines
(1) Please see UG Marking Criteria, for information about the
marking criteria.
Writing tips
(1) Try to have a clear and logical structure to your answer. Do not be afraid to use subheadings
to structure your essay.
(2) Please see Referencing guide for information about the suggested referencing systems.
Your essay should acknowledge the source of all ideas and evidence with appropriate
references. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.
Akerlof, G.A. (1970) ‘The market for “lemons”: qualitative uncertainty and the market mechanism’,
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 84 (3): 488-500.
Barney, J. (1991) ‘Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage’, Journal of Management,
17 (1): 99-120.
Coase, R. (1937) ‘The nature of the firm’, Economica, 4(16): 386-405.
Penrose, E. (1959) The theory of the growth of the firm, New York: Oxford University Press.
Eisenhardt, K.M. (1989) ‘Agency Theory: An Assessment and Review’, Academy of Management
Review, 14(1): 57-74.
Porter, M. (1980) Competitive Strategy, New York: Free Press, Ch1 (pp. 3-32).

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Subject: Business

Pages / words: 5 / 1400

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Academic level: Undergraduate

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Topic: Management Information Systems


You wish to start an Internet based business. Answer the following questions:

1. Describe the business you wish to start

2. Staff you will need to manage your firm. Show the expenses

3. Which hosting service you would choose, and why

4. Expenses to get your page ready

5. Staff you would need to maintain your website

6. The ethical and social issues that can be in your firm

7. Driving traffic to your page (except Google AdWords)

8. Advertising using wireless devices

9. Total expenses to start the business, and yearly expenses to manage your business. Show detail

10. Other pertinent information, if any.

Topic: Shaping Business Opportunities


Part 1 consists of developing a mission statement based on mini case study, explaining benefits of private equity, as well as listing 5 economic challenges to a business model.

Part 2 consists of creating a mind map of main concepts discussed in reading block.

Everything needed to complete essay has been attached

Topic: Belhaven University

Using the following biblical passages, write a 500-word paper on how this particular course should be understood differently at Belhaven (Belhaven is an on campus and online Christian School) than at a secular institution. The passages to be considered: Isaiah 53:2-5 Matthew 8:14–17 Luke 10:8-9 John 5:1-9 John 13:13-14 The following content is partner provided

Topic: Exploration of Change Management Practice


This is an individual assignment.

•Select six different change management case studies from the options attached, The Founder, or Change Leadership in a cross-cultural context (a case study of Italy and Australia), in Chapter 1 of this textbook. You may select another case, but it must be approved by your tutor prior 4pm Thursday of Week 11. Do not use the same case as Assessment Task 2.

•For each case, write 200 words analysing how the situation in the case may have benefited from the use of a practice, concept, theory or model explored in this course. Use different practices, concepts, theories and models in each 200 words. The focus is on problem solving, not problem analysing!

•Cite at least 4 relevant, recent, academic, peer reviewed journal articles in each 200 words.

•Complete a Reference List (with a minimum of 24 sources).

•Complete a reflection of problem solving and decision making, and self-evaluation, using this template .

Assessment 3 – remember to download and complete the reflection activity, as it’s worth 20% of the mark. A good reflection will go beyond the surface level to deeply and authentically critique your approach and discuss your learnings. Ensure your approach to the cases includes problem-solving/solutions and remember to adhere to the minimum requirements eg: peer-reviewed references, word count, and critical discussion. Ideally, you will include at least one contrasting point in the 200 words. Also, avoid description ie: don’t repeat any passages or direct quotes from the case. Write as consisely as possible and no need for long definitions. Focus on applying and viewing the case/situation from a few perspectives.

If you find change models that are not in Gibbon’s book, you may still use them, just reference them. For example, there are lots of Change Management books in the Library and on the databases.

Topic: Investigating The Impact of Senior Management Team on Organization Innovativeness and Their Role in The Process Innovation (An Investigation on Telecommunication Organizations in Oman)


The proposed research will be evolving on the following objectives:
1. To investigate in-depth the impact of senior management team on organization innovativeness
a. Senior managers impact on Product innovativeness
b. Senior managers impact on process innovativeness
c. Senior managers impact on behavioral innovativeness
d. Senior managers impact on strategic innovativeness
e. Senior managers impact on market innovativeness
2. To explore the senior managers role in the process innovation
a. Senior managers role in new production methods
b. Senior managers role in new management process and approaches
c. Senior managers role in new technology to improve production and management process

Community development action strategies


This paper requires a 900 word essay as well as a 1000 word equivalent power point presentation.

This assignment builds on Assignment One where you identified a community (Women) and undertook an initial needs analysis. Here, you will take this further by developing an action strategy. This will be done through a community development approach to help improve community outcomes. Typically, this can involve identifying opportunities as well addressing deficiencies or gaps. A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis is one approach that can be taken but it is up to you to determine what is appropriate for your community and their needs.

A key component of this assignment is to develop a visual presentation (power point presentation). This is about you being able to convey to a specific audience (typically the community) the action plan and bring it to life. This component of the assignment is about conveying information but also about being persuasive, inclusive and engaging the audience. It is an opportunity to test the action plan and consider how it will come across and what features will make it attractive to the relevant audience.

I have provided the previous assignment ‘Assignment One’ that conducted the initial needs assessment, this must be looked at to develop the action strategy. I Have also provided some references and websites that may be helpful in completing this assignment.

the power point presentation does not need to be referenced, they only need to be in the essay part of the assignment

Topic: Study Analysis Paper


The main purpose of this project/paper is to show that you understand how research is conducted in the field of psychology– this is something that we start discussing in the first module of the course so I recommend getting started on this paper right away. You will also create a follow-up experiment in your paper which is a hypothetical follow-up study, you are not actually collecting your own data. ( I will be uploading 2 articles so you can chose 1 which ever seems easier to analyse. I will also include the RUBIC and paper template to help guide you).

Topic: leadership in organisations

critically reflect on your experience of leadership and area of your development, including an Action Plan. Use leadership theory and concepts in the analysis and evaluation of the leadership of Jack Ma founder of Alibaba Group.