How Can Parental Development Influence Child Development

Choose 5 scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles, and summarize content of the studies. 12 point font and Times New Roman Each summary (5 total) must have a minimum of 12 sentences reviewing the study. -The review must include information about the study, the author’s conclusions, study limitations, and your reaction.

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Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: English

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: High School

Paper format: MLA

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Language style: US English


Topic: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt


Discuss the evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. How has the organisation changed over time? What does the future hold for the group?

The paper should not simply be descriptive, but analytical:
it should attempt to address why and how things occur.
Because the region has experienced several major political developments in recent years you will need to draw contemporary material from a broad range of media and similar sources.
However, be sure to also use books and academic journal articles to analyze the issues in greater historical and theoretical depth.
Format: can use subheadings and graphs if required.

Lack of passive immunity in Breastfed vs. non breastfed in Kindergarten setting

Research Plan Report Each student will prepare a research plan/proposal. Choose a subject of interest to you and/or that you can use in the future. The plan will be submitted in two parts: the introduction and literature review, and the method/design. The introduction and literature review part is due at the end of week 2, and the method/design part is due at the end of the 4th week. The two parts should be as follows: Research Plan Part 1 (Intro/Lit review): Briefly state why the research is important, how it will contribute to knowledge and health. Provide a hypothesis or aim of the research. The lit review should consist of a review of at least 7 representative papers pertinent to the research you are proposing. This part should be about 5 pages long and is worth 30 points. Grading Rubric for Research Plan, Part 1 (Intro/Lit review): Research Plan Part 2 (Method/Design): State your population of interest, how and who you will sample, and the basic study design. Provide information on proposed statistical analysis and a sample data shell. This part should also be about 5 pages (not including sample data shell) and is worth 30 points. Title page (APA style) 1 Introduction and Purpose of the research 3 Hypothesis 3 Review of Literature (of 7 representative papers pertinent to the research you are proposing) 21 Proper citation and Reference (APA style) 2 ONLY the first part is due this week

Topic: Autism and regular education, the good and the difficulties


for the Research Plan Assessment, you will be asked to submit plans for reviewing the related literature and create an annotated bibliography from the review of related literature.

The review of literature is intended to analyze critically a portion of a published body of knowledge through summary, classification, and comparison of prior research studies, professional articles, and theoretical articles.
It may be that once you complete this initial review of the literature, you may decide to revise your research problem.

Summarize at least 10, but not more than 15, recent references related to your research topic (last ten years) or research from a seminal work.

Topic: Work Health Safety Plan for removal of asbestos tiles


You are required to submit detailed Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method
Statements for all of the tasks and activities that will need to be undertaken and
considered during the removal of the asbestos roof tiles of the buildings detailed in the
project drawings.
Your submission should include:
 Suitably detailed and effective safe work method statements;
 Suitably detailed hazard identification and risk assessment documentation.
The drawings detailed are the original as planned drawings (not the original as built drawings).
On initial investigation of the existing buildings’ you have found there are a number of
discrepancies in the materials actually used when the buildings were constructed from those
that were specified to be used on the original drawings. As a result, part of the project is to
remove those materials (as identified by the building control and planning approval
requirements) and replace them with suitable alternatives more in line with the original drawing
With this in mind, all building control and planning approvals, etc., have been obtained (and you
have poetic license to assume that whatever design you intend to carry out, and the materials
you intend to use (within reason) automatically comply with the approvals), and all works are to
be in accordance with current building code requirements.
The main concern of the authorities during the change of use and adaption of these buildings is
the existing original roof tiles. It has been discovered that the roof tiles that were originally used
for the roof covering were manufactured with an asbestos based material. Therefore these
must all be removed and replaced with a suitable alternative.
Your organization is known for its strong beliefs and commitment to work health and safety,
and as such your Risk Assessment Plan and SWMS should demonstrate this.

Topic: Game Theory


Search the web (Google) and view the video clip Golden Balls – £100,000 Split Or Steal? 14/03/08.

After watching the video clip, answer the following questions:
How does the Prisoners’ Dilemma apply in the game of Golden Balls?
Is the Prisoner’s Dilemma entirely applicable in this game? Why or why not?
What would you do if you were playing this game? Explain your reasoning.
This paper should be more than one page without headers or footers

Topic: critical analysis of drug users represented in an initiative enacted by the current Labor Government in Victoria (led by Premier Daniel Andrews) as part of its drug policy.


drug users are represented
undertake a critical analysis of drug users represented
in an initiative enacted by the current Labor Government in Victoria (led by Premier Daniel Andrews) as part of its drug policy. I
aspects of drug related crime that are discussed, analysed and evaluated
evaluate the policy response of a contemporary government against the context of what you have learned. You will consider such questions as:
How does the columnist / government represent drug use in the policy document (i.e. is drug use recommended for medical reasons? Of benefit to individual well being?;
Does the opinion piece / policy reflect the nature of drug use throughout the community or is it designed to counter a representation of drug use?
What means does the columnist / government use to construct the representation?
Does the article / policy reflect a commitment to evidence-based policy? Why / why not?
E.g. Does it reflect the relative harm caused by drugs regardless of legal status?
Would the approach recommended in the article / policy reduce (or exacerbate) the harm associated with illegal drug use?
Does government policy embody the universal application of the rule of law? Or is the policy discriminatory in its impact?

Topic:Learning from Failures

minimum 600 words Research the failure of environmental engineering project.

Describe the event(s) that led up to the failure.

Explain what went wrong, and why.

Explain what or who was responsible. Discuss the lessons that can be learned from the failure.