Topic: Counter Terrorism Initiatives: A Critical Review of Approaches by Saudi Arabia


Chapter One: Review and Analysing The Origins of Saudi Arabia Legal System.
= use OSCOLA references system
attached is a chapter structure and references

Chapter One: Review and Analysing The Origins of Saudi Arabia Legal System.

Writing LR as structure bellow:
Expline what is this chapter about
Saudi Arabia legal system based on Shariah Law …..
It is very important to include how criminal and human right in Saudi legal system

1- Saudi basic law of governance 1992

2- Soures of Islamic law in Saudi Arabia

A. Qur’an
B. Sunnah
C. Ijmah (Consensus)
D. Qiyas (Analogy)

3- Branches of the Saudi Legal system
A. The Executive Branch
B. The Judicial Branch
C. Legislative Branch (The Regulatory Authority)

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation Chapter – Literature review
Pages / words-8 / 2200
Number of sources-15
Academic level-Doctoral
Paper format-Turabian with footnotes
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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Topic: Encountering stereotype in secondary education


The aim of this literature review is to identify if racial stereotypes are present in secondary school and explore if racial stereotype has negatively impacted pupils school experience and performance, This will be set out in themes under literature review

The 2 themes to write about are;
Labelling- so the labelling of ethnic minority groups in education such as Afro Caribbean and Bangladeshi pupils by teachers and other other students and the impact it has on their school performance and school experience. can you find something about Bangladeshi students being portrayed as good students and following rules and regulation?

Maybe would be great, whereas Afro Caribbean students are portrayed to be “trouble” etc compared to white students…

Exclusion- the exclusion of ethnic minority groups in education by teachers, students and the impact it has on their performance and school experience.

(Students experience of stereotype would be great to mention). Please use Reputable sources from preferably UK.

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Assessment 2. (90%) – The Dissertation

For this assessment you will write a 7000 word summary report on your agreed topic.

The dissertation process will last throughout the year. You will be expected to be continually working on this large piece of work throughout both semesters. There are 4 hours a week dedicated to this module that you should be engaging in, even if not in class time.

After submitting your research proposal, we will find you a supervisor to work with on your project. The project that you and they conduct may be a specific project for you, a project of theirs you can work to develop in your own way or perhaps part of a larger team (most likely with primary data collection projects to maximise productivity).

You will have specific meetings with this supervisor and they will guide your project specifically. Exact structure advice will be given by your supervisors.

However, your report dissertation should contain detail on:

  • Your research question
  • The rationale/context of your study
  • *Previous literature pertinent to your research question*
  • Your methodology (search terms/strategy for literature/systematic reviews or questions/activities and sample for primary data collection)
  • *Your results and discussion (what do your findings mean for the research question/previous work? Do you support or contradict previous assumptions?)*
  • A conclusion (rounding up your dissertation into a neat summary)

*Noted in asterisks are situations where variation may occur*. For example, a systematic review would blend the previous literature with results and discussion and a quantitative report will separate results and discussion in to two sections.

Due to the large amount of potential variation is Dissertation topic and structure, it is difficult to offer further generic advice.

All assessments will be marked against the ACE criteria (see section 2.3), where Answering the Question will include further methodological detail.

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How Institutional Racism Effects Football. Why Does it Persist despite legislation?


Task is to research the reasons as to why racism persists in UK football despite laws against it,

The Theoretical framework: Racism in UK football. Factors that Cause it:

Racism in British Society
Racism in Politics
Racism in the media.

You need to research and discuss these factors and engage with relevant literature. and link it back to Racism in Football in the UK. Also need to research and discuss racism in UK football of course.

provide methodology, results and discussion, as well as conclusion from scratch
eliminate the use of personal pronouns.
proofread thoroughly
make literature review critical.


Additional features

Draft required 14 pages + well-structured + cited references



Research questions:
1- What are the factors that contribute in the growth of the economy in Morocco?
2- Does the capital market accelerate or decelerate the economic growth in Morocco?


The Dissertation is a communications instrument and you should pay particular attention to ensuring that you communicate to the reader exactly what your original research was about.

As part of the exercise you are required to present your Dissertation in a standard manner, as you would if you were submitting an article to a journal, and in a particular number of words.

This is part of the discipline of the Dissertation work.

The Dissertation should be organised in the following format:

Title Page
Signed Statement
List of Abbreviations
List of Tables
List of Figures
Introduction and aims and/or objectives
Literature Review Methodology
Results /Analysis
Conclusions and Recommendations

A risk management framework for distributed agile projects

find out the causes of all risks affecting DAD projects, understand how dad properties/characteristics/features are impacting Distributed agile (DAD) projects.
then we need to find out all existing risk management frameworks developed by other authors that are being used in DAD projects. and then analyse their shortcomings and advantages… then propose a better risk management framework to eliminate these shortcomings and risk causes/factors… then need to validate this proposed improved framework by implementing in real-life DAD projects.

My 5 research questions are as follows:
RQ1: What are the causes and factors of risks that adversely affect DAD projects?
RQ2: How do the DAD features adversely affect DAD projects?
RQ3: What are the shortcomings of the existing risk management frameworks used in DAD projects?
RQ4: What efforts can be made to improve the risk management framework to minimize these shortcomings identified in RQ3 in DAD projects?
RQ5: To what extent will the proposed risk mgt framework benefit real-time DAD projects (in mauritius?)?

oil and Gas industry in the US

How can the oil and Gas industry in the US survive the impact of Climate Change or Stratergies to Manage Technology Risk in the banking Sector in the US

Type of service

Dissertation servicesType of assignment


ManagementPages / words

5 / 1200Academic level


Topic: The impact of Online Food Ordering services on sales for local takeaways in Middlesbrough


Research Design/Methodology (1700 Words)

• Explanation of, and rationale for, the research design, methods of data collection and analysis.
• Primary data collection sources, samples
• Methods used to collect the data
• Dissertation management and control
o Possible limitations
 Time constraints
o No costs were involved
o Measures taken to ensure dissertation is completed in time and in good quality
• Participants will be selected through the use of purposive sampling

Analysis & Findings (2200 words)
This section should analyse the findings of your research. The exact structure is not prescribed and should be appropriate to context/’fit for purpose’. The issue to keep in mind is that there should be a logical ‘flow’ that makes your dissertation easy to read and understand.

Results should be presented with a full discussion and interpretation. It is insufficient just to say what your findings are – you need to analyse what they mean within your work context and fully interpret them.

You should consider breaking up the text and perhaps emphasising a major point by use of a diagram (e.g. a flow-diagram to illustrate a change or implementation process). You may not refer much to the research literature at this point but may draw on some subject based reading to support or interpret your findings.

Topic: Qualitative Risk Assessment

  • Using the following table of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that were found in a health care IT infrastructure servicing patients with life-threatening conditions.
Unauthorized access from public internet
Hacker penetrates IT infrastructure
Communication circuit outage
Workstations inadequately patched / updated
Workstation has an application with a known software vulnerability
Denial of service attack on organizations email
Remote communications from home office
Workstation browser ha software vulnerability
Weak ingress / egress traffic filtering degrades performance
WLAN access points are needed for LAN connectivity for patients family
Need to prevent rouge users from unauthorized access to WLAN
User destroys data in application, deletes all files and gains access to internal network
Fire destroys primary data center
Intra office employee romance goes bad
Loss of production data server
Unauthorized access to organization owned data
Servers inadequately patched / updated
User downloads an unknown email attachment
Service provider has a major network outage
User inserts CSs and USB thumbdrives with person photos, music and video on organization owned computers
VPN tunneling between remote computer and ingress / egress router
  • Perform a “Qualitative” risk assessment by assigning a risk impact / risk factor to each of the identified risks, threats and vulnerabilities throughout the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure where the risk, threat or vulnerability resides.  Assign each risk, threat and vulnerability a priority number using the following:
    • “1” Critical:  a risk, threat or vulnerability that impacts compliance (HIPPA requirement for securing PII and or privacy data and implementing proper security controls etc.) and places the organization in a position of increased liability.
    • “2” Major:  a risk, threat, or vulnerability that impacts the CIA of an organization’s intellectual property assets and IT Infrastructure.
    • “3” Minor:  A risk, threat, or vulnerability that can impact user or employee productivity or availability of the IT Infrastructure.
  • Write a four paragraph “Executive Summary” of your analysis using the following outline:
    • Paragraph 1:  Summary of findings (risks, threats, and vulnerabilities found throughout the seven domains of a typical IT Infrastructure)
    • Paragraph 2:  Approach and prioritization of critical, major and minor risk assessment elements.
    • Paragraph 3:  Risk assessment and risk impact summary of the seven domains of a typical IT Infrastructure.
    • Paragraph 4:  Recommendations and next steps for executive management
  • Delete these instructions after writing your paper and replace with an actual abstract of the assignment.
  • Please use APA format in completing this assignment and upload to the appropriate assignment link on the online classroom portal.

What are the pharmacological and non pharmacological interventions that would help deal with dementia for person above 50 years?

Additional features

Draft required8 pages + well-structured + cited referencesDescription

Assessment Details:
The project is assessed in two ways:
A 750 word proposal for a literature review which you pass or fail. This is not a summative assessment and does not go through to your final mark. The assessment criteria for this is as
1. Students should demonstrate clear ability to design and briefly explain the course of a
literature review proposal at Level Six;
2. Students should clearly show a systematic link between the stages of a research proposal from a clear and adequate question through to reflections on ethical issues and their challenges;
3. Students should adequately demonstrate clear academic and writing skills at Level Six,
showing ability to present a feasible literature review to follow.
A 6,000 word literature review which counts towards 100% of the mark.
The student is expected to carry out Critical Review Form – Quantitative Studies check list and CASP Checklist: 10 questionsto help you make sense of a Qualitative research.