Topic: Zero Trust networking – Exceptions and failures

Additional features

The dissertation is on the failure modes of Zero Trust Networks, how they materialise and how they are felt with.
The types of failures would be random, induced and attacks but a focus would be on what happens when they occur; how are they dealt with? and what can be done about it?

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation/Thesis proposal
Subject-IT & Technology
Pages / words-9 / 4950
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Single
Language style-UK English

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Topic: The influence of phygical elements in optimizing participants motivation and experience of visiting art exhibitions in the UK. Case study of museums and galleries in the UK.


research questions: To identify the association between phygital experience and participants’ motivation and experience of visiting exhibitions.

To discuss the factors that influence phygital experience and participants’ perception of exhibitions.

To discuss the influence and role of phygital experience in optimising participants’ motivation of visiting exhibitions.

To recommend the steps that optimize phygital experience at exhibitions.

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation Chapter – Literature review
Pages / words-11 / 3000
Number of sources-20
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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Topic: Leadership styles and Employee Engagement


The dissertation will seek to determine the impact that different leadership styles have on employee engagement/commitment(positive and negative). The review of literature should provide an overview of different leadership styles, identify leadership as a key driver for business success and also highlight the importance of positive employee engagement for business success.

The dissertation will view people (employees) as a business’s greatest asset and assume that leadership is a the main criteria in allowing employees to maximize efficiency and performance and therefore ultimately impact business performance.
The data collected to back up these arguments will be by means of a survey/questionnaire that and will seek to identify the impact of different leadership styles(autocratic,democratic, strategic, transformational, visionary) on employee engagement. The questionnaire will essentially be distributed to but not limited to financial services employees.

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation Chapter – Literature review
Pages / words-15 / 4125
Number of sources-40
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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Topic: Volvo America finance dissertations


needed is a 30 pages +11 slides

This assignment helps you develop the skills to master the following program outcomes:Apply foundational knowledge and an understanding of business systems, processes, and technology within and across core disciplines.
Integrate information across disciplines and from differing perspectives.
Think critically and analytically to provide evidence-based solutions to business challenges
and opportunities.
Apply innovative, strategic, and sustainable approaches to business practice and planning.
Lead and collaborate in virtual, global, and culturally diverse environments.
Integrate principles of ethics and integrity into business decisions.
Communicate clearly and effectively in a business environment.
Revisit the MBA6900 Course Alignment Map to review how all activities assist you in achieving your overall program outcomes.Activity Instruction
For this assignment, submit your final Capstone Project and Presentation. See the MBA Capstone Project Guidelines for complete information about requirements. Be sure to incorporate instructor feedback and review your paper for writing errors and APA format prior to submission. Also, review the Capstone Project and Presentation Scoring Guide to self-assess your work prior to submission to ensure you are meeting expectations for demonstrating your program outcomes.Remember the following:Include an executive summary following your cover page.
Your project must be a minimum of 20 pages (double-spaced, academic style) or 15 pages (single-spaced, professional format), not including cover page, abstract, table of contents, references, and any appendices.
When you submit this assignment, submit the following three pieces: project paper, project slides, and presentation (either audio on your slides or a Kaltura media file attached).
Refer to the MBA Academic and Professional Guidelines for more information on formatting and APA citations.
Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.• Unit 6 Capstone Project and Presentation – You will submit your final Capstone Project and Presentation assignment. You will deliver two work products to complete this project:
o Written Report – The final written project report will be a formal document prepared for the key stakeholders of your project. The structure and length of the document will vary according to the type of project being undertaken, but the report is expected to be substantial: 20-40 pages in length, double-spaced (academic format), or 15-30 pages single-spaced (professional format).
o Oral Presentation – This formal oral presentation will be supported by an MS PowerPoint presentation including slides with notes. The oral presentation will be recorded using Adobe Connect, Kaltura media, or by adding audio to the PowerPoint slide deck, and uploaded to the MBA6900 courseroom for formal review by the instructor. This presentation should include 10-20 slides (not including cover slide and references) be 5-10 minutes in length and will serve to overview all facets of the capstone project.

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation
Pages / words-41 / 11275
Number of sources-16
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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Topic: Introducing Family MUAC in COVID-19 response in improving early detection, referral and prevention of Malnutrition in Malakal county, Upper Nile State, South Sudan.


Introducing Family MUAC in COVID-19 response in improving early detection, referral and prevention of Malnutrition in Malakal county, Upper Nile State, South Sudan.

Assessment Task:

You are required to submit , presents a study protocol for a research project including rationale, study objectives, design, methodology, ethical considerations and dissemination of results in a given health related area.

Imagine you are presenting your study protocol for a committee that is giving funding for research. As such, you should aim in writing the present assignment in a report style format, with the following subheadings: research question, rationale, study objectives, study design, methodology, ethical considerations, and dissemination of results.

You work will need to include the following points:

1. Write a PICO research question in an area that is under-researched or that has not been investigated by previous research in that area
2. Give a short, concise rationale for the research question
3. State the study objectives. These should be SMART
4. Explain clearly and logically the study design (who/when/where/how/what)
5. Explain clearly and logically the study methodology. This should include how data will be collected, what will be measured and how
6. Outline key ethical considerations in your study and what you will do to ensure safety
7. Give suggestions for how you will disseminate any findings and say who these will be disseminated to.
8. The submitted work should follow appropriate academic conventions i.e. spelling/grammar/referencing

Learning Outcomes to be assessed:

• Critically evaluate research findings in a specific area of public health practice
• Explore the dissemination strategies & techniques for reaching different audiences
• Design an original, evidence based, accurate and ethically appropriate research study protocol.

• An excellent attempt, with clear application of literature and scholarly work, demonstrating significant analysis and evaluation.

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation
Pages / words-11 / 3025
Number of sources-12
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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Topic: To what extent, China (a Communist Country + rapid economic growth) could be a threat for the Western Democracies, in particular the United States.

Additional features

Draft required 6 pages + well-structured + cited references

Explore the political system of China, its economic, citizen rights, etc. And how it could be a threat for our democratic system?
Compare both political system, see their differences and how it can help them to be the greatest country !

8000 words !!!!
1) Introduction (500-1000 words)
2) Literature review
3) Research question and methods of analyse
4) Argument
5) Conclusion (500-1000 words)
6) bibliography

the reference must be in footnotes and styled in the following way (MHRA): see uploaded document

Here, is a list of found literature to help you.

CHEN, C. (2018). Comparing Post-communist Authoritarianism in Russia and China. Comparative Area Studies: Methodological Rationales and Cross-Regional Applications, 133.

Dickson, B. J. (2017). The future of the Chinese communist party: Strategies of survival and prospects for change. Critical Readings on the Communist Party of China (pp. 1447-1478). BRILL.

Gat, A. (2017). The return of authoritarian great powers. Foreign affairs.

Holm, H. H. (2019). Whose world orders? uneven globalization and the end of the cold war. Routledge.

Inglehart, R. (2018). The age of insecurity: Can democracy save itself. Foreign Aff., 97, 20.

Lukin, A. (2019). The US-China Trade War and China’s Strategic Future. Survival, 61(1), 23-50.

Mandelbaum, M. (2019). The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth. Oxford University Press.

Moyo, D. (2018). Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth-and how to Fix it. Basic Books.

Nuruzzaman, M. (2016). China’s rise, the USA and global order: Contested perspectives and an alternative approach. International Area Studies Review, 19(2), 177-194.

Plattner, M. F. (2017). Liberal Democracy’s Fading Allure. Journal of democracy, 28(4), 5-14.

Rahman, C. (2019). The Chinese threat to our national security. Quadrant, 63(1/2), 38.

Roland, G. (2019). Coexisting with China in the 21st century. Acta Oeconomica, 69(s1), 49-70.

Runciman, D. (2018). China’s Challenge to Democracy. The Wall Street Journal.

Wigell, M. (2019). Hybrid interference as a wedge strategy: a theory of external interference in a liberal democracy. International Affairs, 95(2), 255-275.

Woo-Cumings, M. (Ed.). (2019). The developmental state. Cornell University Press.

Zhao, S. (2016). Chinese Foreign Policy: Pragmatism and Strategic Behavior: Pragmatism and Strategic Behavior. Routledge.

Biberaj, E. (2019). Albania in transition: the rocky road to democracy. Routledge.

Topic: Poverty and inequality in Japan~compare with UK~


Dissertation is both sociology and Economics.
Submit 12000 words.
These sources below are for the dissertation no need to follow some format so much, show “What you plan to research and how”.

Compare Japan and the UK. average income is almost the same, both island country; thus, people have similar character both well preserve traditional things, both last time economies were excellent but now, struggling.

The difference in Japan is the fastest ageing society but everyone very easy to access medical healthcare Everyone can go hospital in one day. But because of Ageing society, scarcity of labour force, it’s challenging to keep the size of economies Gender inequality issue still significant.

England is much more international but has the problem with immigration, NHS and Brexit issue or something like that.

Add into a personal interview who are in a struggling situation like from foodbank or homeless people on the street.

Compare how different poor people’s lives in the UK and Japan.
Rich people, middle-class people’s life as well.
dig about social class (Historical and Cultural) issue and social welfare things (How society changed to treat poor people or something).

Data sources:

Type of service:-Dissertation services
Type of assignment:-Dissertation/Thesis proposal
Pages / words:-8 / 2000
Number of sources:-7
Academic level:-Master’s
Paper format:-Harvard
Line spacing:-Double
Language style:-UK English

Topic: Barriers to African Women Participation in Politics in the United States


This research will utilise secondary data in exploring the factors that limit African women from participating in politics. In the process of collecting data, World Bank database will be utilised.

This will ensure that the research collects detailed information that will be used to develop themes about the barriers that have contributed to low political participation among African women in the United States.

Therefore, the main method of data collection will be interviews. Since this method of data collection is time-consuming, a small sample will be used in this study.

The findings that will be obtained will be generalised to the entire scope of women’s participation in politics in the United States.

Main Objective
1. Identify and discuss the main barriers to political representation of Afro-American women in the US and the possible ways in which such challenges can be mitigated.
General Objectives
2. To identify the main factors limiting African women from participating in politics in the United States.
3. To investigate the initiatives that have been put in place to enhance African women’s participation in the United States.
4. To determine level of representation of African women in American political leadership.

Paper outline

Title page




Chapter 1: Introduction – what, why and how (outline of what follows)

Chapter 2: Literature survey

Chapter 3: Methodological discussion (might also go in the introduction)

Chapter 4: Empirical data and research findings

Chapter 5: Analysis (bringing it all together)

Chapter 6: Conclusion



Topic: ICT and e-learning in vocational education

Additional features

Draft required 11 pages + well-structured + cited references


Dissertation proposed substantive focus and central question, proposed learning outcomes and research methodology/population and sample.

– Focus
-Title Abstract (200 words)
-Chapter 1 Introduction
Substantive focus and central question
Background and rationale
Summary of key research questions
Outline of the dissertation
– Chapter 2 Review of literature
– Chapter 3 Research design
Key research questions
Research methodology and methods
Methodology review
Research techniques
Description of population and sample
Data analysis
Ethical issues
-Chapter 4 Presentation of findings
Results in relation to key research questions
-Chapter 5 Discussion of findings
-Chapter 6 Conclusions and recommendations

Topic: Can Humans survive without Bees?

The master’s capstone thesis option, must have a substantial research component, present an original argument, use proper academic writing conventions, including carefully documented primary and/or secondary sources, and should be at least fifty pages in length.

This page count does NOT include the front and back matter (e.g., table of contents, lists of figures, illustrations and tables, acknowledgment and dedication pages, abstract, end notes pages, bibliography, appendices, etc.).
Contextualize the thesis/research question by claiming its significance or centrality to the discipline.
Persuade a persuasive rationale for pursuing the thesis by demonstrating a research need or gap.
Articulate how the paper will address the key question or issue and why the approach is novel.
Synthesize relevant, appropriate scholarly literature to establish a theoretical framework or central methodology.
Create an argument that builds logically upon the thesis/hypothesis with research-based, discipline-appropriate supporting facts, evidence, and/or data.
Explain the chosen methodology or theory and demonstrates mastery in implementing this method/theory to produce original research.
Analyze data (whether textual, statistical, qualitative, or other) and demonstrate maturity and sophistication in interpreting, analyzing, and synthesizing information to advance the argument.
Provide a conclusion that summarizes findings, discusses limitations, and addresses unanswered questions/future research directions.