Why MOTIVATION TOWARD TEAM WORK should be a common goal

Teamwork and motivation in the workplace

          Teamwork is combining appropriate individual talents to achieve greater results, the process of two or more associates working together with each doing their part but all working toward achieving a common goal. Teamwork is basically the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. Motivation is what causes people to want to do something. So why motivate team work anyway?

We are all born into working as a team ‘no man is an island’ they say. We are born into a family, that’s a team, we go to school join a team for education, even in banking our money we do it as a team. So really it is impossible to avoid team work! Teamwork serves to reduce the work load, avoid effort duplication, produce faster better results than individuals working alone and promote better relationships between working parties.

Research has proven that when individuals in a cooperation or organization are motivated to work together as a team or a work family, the work is done faster and is more productive. The secret with all the best performing organization is making the workers feel included. Trust between both coworkers and management has shown to be a key contributor to whether workers prefer team work or not.

Workers therefore have factors that steer them toward team work or not. People from countries that encourage collectivism are more likely to support team work than people from individualized countries like Kenya or America. Secondly, workers who are allowed to have tasks in the team to work on are more likely to support team work that workers who are not required to do any tasks.

Activities like team training will encourage team work to a greater extent than individual training because team training allows individuals to learn from each other. It allows everyone to be acquitted with the organizations objectives and pass their skills to the collecting achievement of the organizations goals

However teamwork is not all fun and games it has challenges too. Sometimes a member my refuse to cooperate with other teammates causing frustrations in the team. Sometimes the team leader has too much expectation on the team mates, a team leader should know to always not expect the team to do things exactly as he(r) expects.

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