Topic: Responsive literature Essay


Assignment is copied and pasted from the college website ;

— Essay 1 —

Respond to one of the following questions in a well-developed essay of at least 750 words. Please be as specific as possible, backing up your assertions with details from the texts we have discussed.

Your essay should include material from at least three current, credible sources in addition to the literary texts you are discussing. E

Remember: this is a formal academic essay, with all the expectations that form entails. This means, among other things, no first person, no one-sentence paragraphs, no slang, etc.

Use this template to format your paper.Preview the document

An analytical or argumentative thesis and supporting evidence are absolutely essential: papers that merely summarize the textbook and class discussions and make few or no specific references to the readings will fail.

1. One of the most obvious differences between Romanticism and Realism is their opposing views of nature. Discuss these two conceptions of the natural world and our place in it, using specific examples from a broad sampling of the texts we have discussed.

2. Two major influences on the writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are the theories of Karl Marx and Charles Darwin. Discuss how they shaped the literature of the period, using specific examples from the texts we have discussed.

3. Few writers have had a stronger sense of mission than Walt Whitman. In fact, he believed that he had quite a few missions as a poet. Please discuss what you believe to be two of Whitman’s chief missions and show specifically how his work attempts to fulfill them.

4. Many writers of the Realist Era are distinguished by their commitment to reform, their conviction that literature could bring about genuine social change. Discuss how two of the writers we have studied seek to bring attention to injustice.

An analytical thesis and supporting evidence are absolutely essential: papers that merely summarize the textbook and class discussions and make few or no specific references to the readings will fail.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-3 / 825
Number of sources-4
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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Topic: Big brands disappearing from the high street literature review

Write literature review and methodology. The literature review consists of understanding of the problem by analysing the past issues (2500 words). This chapter gives the opportunity to show the reader that you can analyse and synthesise views of others in relation to your own research programme. At least 10 references should be discussed, and 3-4 different models, theories or views should be mentioned. At the end of this chapter, identify the principal research questions to be addressed in the dissertation. These will form the basis of your dissertation in the subsequent chapter on research methodology. The methodology will be based on research through a questionnaire online published on Facebook. The methodology is 1500 words and is an opportunity to discuss the research programme you have designed for your dissertation. Begin by reviewing briefly research methods advocated for structuring research programmes. Look again at the research questions formulated at the end of the literature review. Select the kind of programme best suited for addressing those particular research questions, and discuss the reasons prompting your decision. Discuss the research strategies adopted, the collection procedures selected, and the difficulties and/or problems encountered. Include ethics and bias. Using the following format
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Research design
3.3 Philosophy
3.4 Research approaches
3.5 Data collection
3.6 Time horizons
3.7 Sampling
3.8 Ethics
3.9 Limitations
This should be written using 1.5 line spacing, Calibri font size 12 and Harvard Referencing.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: dissertation chapter

Pages / words: 5 / 1400

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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Topic: Literature review counterfactual thinking and stereotypes


This is an addition to my paper 1 literature review that will have 2 additional references. So a total of 7 or 8. Paper should be on the topic of stereotype, either related to race, ethnicity, language bias, or immigration status.
It is best if you could find a paper that discusses stereotype in conjunction with counterfactual thinking. These articles need to be summarized and fit in with either supporting or not supporting my hypothesis at the end of the paper.
Still the same topic on counterfactual thinking this time the two extra sources will be with stereotypes or mention stereotypes.
I will upload the two sources.
I’m open to suggestions if you find something better. I’m thinking that this will be at least two additional pages to what i already have.

Topic: Literature Review To what extent are Line Managers responsible for Human Resource Management activities


Assessment task:

Discuss (compare and contrast) academic literature on the topic of the managerial role.

You must use the following three academic articles:

Hales, C. and Knowles, D. (2003) “Supervisors and Supervisors Plus”, Edge, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Spring 2003, pp. 12-15.

Lopez-Cotarelo, J. (2018) “Line Managers and HRM: A Managerial Discretion Perspective”, Human Resource Management Journal, vil. 28, pp. 255-271.

Mintzberg, H. (1975) “The Manager’s Job: Folklore and Fact”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 1975, pp. 49-61.

This assignment requires you to discuss (compare and contrast) the three sources from the academic literature that are provided, showing what each one contributes to knowledge of HRM activities within managerial roles.

Make sure that you cite the sources of material that you use in text and provide a full References list at the end.

Assessment format:

Structure your assignment as a coherent discussion in the style of a Literature Review – with necessary sub-headings.

Make sure that you use 1.5 or double spacing between the lines.

Use Arial, Times New Roman 12 or a similar font size.

Include page numbers.

Include a cover page with the information about university, module code and title, word count and the submission date. Do not include your name as the assessment will be marked anonymously.

Guidance for different sections of the literature review:


Explain the concept of the Managerial role (what does it mean?, why is it of interest?).Explain the concept of HRM, HRM specialists and the notion that Line Managers might be carrying out HRM activities.

Introduce the three articles that you will discuss in the Literature Review; why are they relevant? – consider their dates, contexts of being written, in what ways they are similar and different. Note that the Lopez-Cotarelo (2018) article is about all Line Managers whereas the Hales and Knowles (2003) article discusses First Line Managers. Mintzberg’s article is about all levels of management. Only Lopez-Cotarelo (2018) focuses explicitly on HRM therefore you will need to be able to recognise HRM activities in the other two articles.

Main body:

You should write a discussion of different aspects of the topics which are written about in these articles. Do not write about the three sources separately!

Read the articles carefully and identify sub-topics that are comparable/contrastable over the articles. Provide sub-headings for these to guide your reader. Do not call this section the ‘main body’.

To give you a start, one of these could be where the data came from in the articles and the methods used to gather data. (This will indicate the extent of validity – can we believe the findings? It will also indicate the extent of reliability – could another researcher use the method as explained and achieve broadly similar results?)

Other sub-topics could be various aspects of HRM activities within the managerial role that were found in these studies.

If you find differences between sources, show evidence from them as to why this might be.


Draw together the key points that you have made – is there a consistent amount of HRM responsibility in managerial roles that is agreed by these sources? Or, what differences have you found? And to what have you attributed these? (Do not introduce any new material or ideas in the Conclusions, except for the “research gap”.)

Finally, identify a “research gap” – what further research should be carried out to discover more about the HRM responsibilities in managerial roles?

Topic: Dyslexia liturature review


Title: To understand the teaching and learning implications of contemporary theoretical explanations of the nature of Dyslexia.
1.1 Undertake a literature review of current research into the nature of dyslexia (2000 words) – discuss overlap in theories too and leading proponents of each.
1.2 synthesise at least 2 theories arising from the research to propose integrated practice methodology of support. (1000 words)

To be written as 1 essay. Evidence and references to documents that have been reviewed.
Strongly advised to read Sir Jim Rose Review.
Formal language in 3rd person
Cited and referenced
10 articles to be selected from Authors e.g Rose, Snowling, Fawcett&Nicholson, Hulme, Stein, Turner, Muter, Steakhouse, Gallaburda and Alloway, Kelly & Phillips

Appraise articles that discuss phonological development, rapid naming, benefits of enriched language, double deficit, genetic factors, visual processing, the function of the cerebellum, working memory, processing speed, automaticity and over learning.

Critical evaluation of current thinking in Dyslexia when evaluating 2 current theories e.g. Phonological theory and Magno cellular theory.(1.2)

Attitudes/opinions towards marijuana legalization. The three independent variables are: Age, income, and education(educational attainment)

For this assignment, the common dependent variable that I am using is attitudes/opinions towards marijuana legalization.
The three independent variables are:
and education(educational attainment). I can provide more info/details regarding the assignment if necessary.
Use at least 8 PEER REVIEWED scholarly sources please but more than 8 sources is fine

Topic: literature review only. Rehabilitation and therapeutic communities in prisons



Introduce what literature you will be reviewing and why. INTRO

Put simply, the aim is the what of the research, and the objective is the how.
The aim is about what you hope to do, your overall goal.
The objectives are the specific steps you will take to achieve your aim. -AIMSAND OBJECTIVES

1)TITLE desistance-
-Shadd Maruna (2001) – making good ex cons ‘reform and rebuild their lives’
– Stephen Farrell and adam calverley- understanding desistance from crime emerging theoretical directions in re settlement and rehabilitation.
– Fergus McNeill – A desistance parading for offender management
2) Rehabilitation
-James gilligan and brandy lee (2010) Beyond the prison paradigm
-Ian dennis- sentencing, rehabilitation and the prison population
– Scott Gosling (2015) counter blast- thinking beyond the punitive rationale
3)PRIVATISATION of prisons- Discussion point- the positives and negatives for rehabilitation in prisons.
Then look into Genders and player (2010) therapy in prison revisiting grendon 20 years – discuss then link the differences of what differences it would be as a private prison.
4) Therapeutic communities
-Alisa stevens (2013) offender rehabilitation and therapeutic communities

-Clare- ann fortune and deven polasatek (2017) Therapeutic communities
-Barbara Rawlings (2009) therapeutic communities in prisons
-richard shaker – Grendon and the emergence of forensic therapeutic communities.
5) GAPS IN LITERATURE for rehabilitation.

So for each book or text, write an overview and what the book gives to the topic of rehabilitation,
Approaches you could take:
Theoretical perspectives used?
Key debates?
Key themes?
What questions has the literature generated? How will you develop from here?

finally, Reflect on what you’ve found and link it to your question and aims

Topic: The Effects of Trauma Exposure on Learning Outcomes among African American Male Students; A Case of Urban African American Males.

children and adolescents who are exposed to violence on a chronic basis do not receive mental health services within the African American community. Community mistrust and lack of cultural awareness are amongst the barriers cited for the low help-seeking behavior of African Americans.

Lack of cultural understanding can lead to inaccurate diagnosis and inappropriate intervention, which increases mistrust of the mental health system. (cite) Many African Americans forgo treatment largely due to receiving mental health services from clinicians who do not understand their experiences. Those who do seek mental health services are largely misdiagnosed and receive inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, which can increase attrition rates.

post-traumatic stress disorder and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) risk behaviors among a random sample of 241 low-income women in an urban emergency department. The study disclosed a series of behavior patterns in women with PTSD. Women who suffered from PTSD were more prone to participate in sexual relations with men who didn’t practice protected sex. These men are considered to be risky partners, which are those who are involved in sexual relations with multiple partners without protection. The results showed that a high percentage of women who were dealing with PTSD also tested positive for HIV.

The relationship between PTSD and HIV is similar to the relationship between PTSD and other behaviors. PTSD causes emotions and practices that for its victims, seem to be uncontrollable.The study also found that victims of PTSD lacked basic social norms, with triggers causing them to act out. The women who participated in unpracticed sex also suffered from feelings of avoidance, hyper-arousal, and re-experienced trauma. The purpose for many within these communities is not about living but about survival.

The purpose is lost through the experience of abuse, and reasoning is replaced by self-justice; all attributes that these factors contribute to create a self-willed constitution in many of these students, who then take these with them into the classroom. “Community violence is a social phenomenon that adversely impacts youth from poverty-stricken neighborhoods.” Specifically, adolescents, males, members of nondominant race/ethnicity groups, and low-income individuals have a higher probability of being exposed to violence.