Topic: human effects on global warming and pollution

persuasive essay about the emerge on control global warming and pollution. it should be a couple of examples of those people who are saying there is NO emerge on this subject. then it should be my opinion which should be about why I am thinking exactly opposite from them and I think it is really important to do something about global warming and pollution. it has to be an introduction, then it has to be 4 paragraphs and each one of them must include a reason why I think it is important and the opposite opinion has to be in paragraph as well . at last it has to be a small conclusion too. {the main idea should be really persuasive and it has to be real discuss about topic between my idea and the ideas of people against mine.}{ the parts which I am writing about my ideas it is better to be first person.}

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: environmental science

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Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

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Topic: Library technician job persuasive research essay


The Alberta Association of Library Technicians (AALT) has produced a series of video clips and made them available on their website. Their intent with these interviews is “to highlight the diverse careers of library technicians. In these video clips, library technicians share practical aspects of their daily work to provide insight into this interesting career choice.”


To learn more about what technicians do, link to the site for AALT for Job Profiles.

Write a paragraph about how these videos have changed or confirmed what you think being a library technician is. Explain how this has affected your employment choice.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: english

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Topic: Persuasive Essay


Personal Letter – Construct a letter focused on persuading the reader to change his or her stance or opinion.
Think about a personal opinion you hold in which someone close to you (friend, family member, etc.) disagrees. Appeal to your reader in an emotional manner using appropriate language and strategies such as motivation, inspiration, etc., to write a personal, passionate letter in an effort to get your reader to agree with your perspective. Kindly play off the reader’s emotions to draw him or her into your argument. Make sure your appeals are legitimate and straightforward so that you avoid using logical fallacies in your efforts.

Use letter format, provided at the end of these instructions, and begin with an introduction that explains your topic. Make a fluid transition into the thesis where you issue your opinion as well as three reasons that support your claim. Present and argue each of the three reasons in three separate body paragraphs. Finish with a conclusion that summarizes your appeals and makes one final effort to sway your reader.

Sample Thesis Statement: Therefore, Carol, my dear friend, please reconsider homeschooling your children because this approach can stunt a child’s social development; it tends to be subpar to nationally recognized curriculum, ultimately becoming a hindrance to college acceptance; and lastly, the chosen teacher, whether that ends up being you or another qualified instructor, will not have the resources that public school teachers have available to continuously enhance and advance instruction.Format Requirements:

Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information:

Your first and last name
Course Title (Composition I)
Assignment name (Persuasive Letter)
Current Date
Page Layout:

MLA style documentation (please see the tutorial in the course topic)
Last name and page number in upper-right corner of each page
Double-spacing throughout
Title, centered after heading
Standard font (Times New Roman or Calibri)
1″ margins on all sides
Save the file as .docx or .doc format
Length: This assignment should be at least 750 words.

Underline your thesis statement.

Topic: Documentary photography



I would like you to read this literature review and rewrite it taking it the notes I will provide.
I am aware that the original paper is longer than the page number is the order detail but I imagine you will be copy pasting SOME parts of my lit review so that will take up some extra page space.
I will attach the literature review to attach, you should read it and read the content of the bibliography before reading the notes I am providing below so that you understand what i am referring to.

Below is my review of this literature review that you will use to rewrite it:

This paper details the difference between photojournalism and documentary photography and their various relationships to truth and morality concerning the depiction of and commentary on human suffering.
My evaluation on this literature review is that though i think making distinctions is necessary I do not feel as though I am left with a good knowledge of the field of scholarship around this topic. I think it may be simply a question of rephrasing the paper to sound more like it is directly talking about the scholars it references and not the topic itself.
Here is an example; Susan Sontag is obviously an important reference but i feel it is used it here to interrogate a larger question, rather than simply stating what her overall position in this field is. There are also many people who have continued working in Sontag’s vein of questioning and it is important to find those sources and use them in the rewriting of this literature review.
Also pointing to the concluding paragraph, the argument made here about misconceptions about photojournalism and various ways viewers may interpret images. This is a fine argument to make but I don’t think it has much to do with the synthesising of this field of interest.
Also, please always italicise books and reviews.
Also, since this is meant to be a literature review found at the end of the introduction of a master thesis, I would like you to take out the extra contextualising about documentary photography. That will be found in the introduction that I am writing. An example of this useless contextualising are the bits that explain what documentary photography is, etc…

Make sure to cite everything properly and truly source information you provide that is not yours.
Please don’t disregard the whole paper I provided, take into consideration my notes and find what needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t be sent back to me looking basically the same but you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel either. Make education decisions as to how to fix the issues. Use the existing sources mixed with other sources that you will find based on my notes.

Topic: Family Interview – Compare and Contrast Cultures Paper


So i have done the interviews mostly for the assignment except for a couple of the questions on my brother which you can just make up answers to please if you could just fill those in. i will attach the interviews that are to be used for the essay. Michael is my brother and is hispanic/ mexican-american and Richard is my friend who is Vietnamese-Canadian. The interviews should be used as references in the reference section and cited. i have copy/pasted the majority of the assignment details below.

It is important to identify and understand your own family culture in order to be able to understand and respect other cultures. Interview a family member, and an individual from another culture with which you are unfamiliar. Some examples of an individual from another culture to consider for the assignment include a neighbor, coworker, patient, or friend.

Written Paper:

Using the “Family Interview” template, interview your designated family member and the person from another culture. Be sure to write your responses in a way that will assist you in writing your paper. After the interview is completed, write a paper of 750-1,000 words that includes the following:

An introductory paragraph with the reasons for selecting the interviewees (one of them is my brother who is hispanic/mexican-american and Richard is one of my friend who is vietnamese-canadian).
A summary of the responses from the interview template gathered from the interviewees.
A comparison and contrast of your findings between the two interviewees.
A reflective concluding paragraph on how family roles affect the cultural domains and relationships for each individual.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. An abstract is not required.



The universities have their own different cultures that are related to their histories. As one gets to the university the first time it is usually a joyful moment. But as life starts to move on the university and life becomes a challenge since the students have moved to a new place away from their people.

Moreover, the culture of the university can transform the life of the first year in a positive or negative way depending on how one adapts to it.  Because of this factors the following tips may be of great assistance in helping you to adjust to the university culture;

  • It is very crucial to always remain yourself in the university. This will help you to be proud of your way of living and not to be bothered by the way your colleagues are living around the university.
  • Since you will be meeting with new people that you have never interacted with in the university be always open –minded. This is going to help you adapt very easily to their cultures.
  • With keenness survey the university culture.
  • Always be tolerant with any new situations that you may come across in the university
  • You will also need to be positive and also seek help from your university student guidance and counseling centre on any situation that you are not able to handle on your own.

Finally, let the university culture transform your years to the betterment of the future.

Persuasive essay on vaccines and the importance of vaccination

Vaccinations and vaccines explained

Vaccination is administrating an antigen/vaccine to stimulate a person’s body to develop immunity to a pathogen. It is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases Maurice Hilleman is a prolific inventor of vaccines such as that of mumps and measles.

To eliminate the risk of spread of diseases, governments have created a specified time for administration of vaccines. During these times, it is mandatory for all people to get these vaccines either at local health institutions or areas provided by the government. In countries with limited transport means and poor economic status, there are a lot of deaths due to this.

The World Health organization among others is trying to establish links with various countries to ensure vaccinations take place globally especially that of children. Routes for administration of vaccines differ from oral to nasal, subcutaneous, intradermal and intramuscular.

Vaccination does not apply only to human beings. It also can be done to animals. The importance of vaccination is that it has helped in the prevention as well as cure of very many diseases all over the world therefore preventing deaths.

There are a number of cases however where families have raised cases in court about the side effects of various vaccines. They have, as a result been given prizes as compensation. The government has put a stop to some of these vaccines to avoid the said effects. Organizations however say that these accusations are unfound.

All citizens should ensure they take advantage of vaccinations given by the government since it is to their advantage.

How to cope with divorce as a man and as a woman


Divorce is painful. This is because when it comes, no one is really ready. When couples get marries, it is with the intention of spending the rest of their lives together. Nobody plans for it, even when the relationship is bad, the break-up still hurts so much.

Divorce is painful because it represents a loss, not just of a relationship, but also of shared dreams and commitments. Romantic relationships start on a high note of excitement and hope for the future.

When these relationships fail, we experience profound disappointment, stress and grief. Divorce separates not only couples, but also children, extended families and friends and even your own identity.

Dealing with the pain is hard, however, it is important to know and to keep telling oneself that you CAN and WILL move on. It is important that the couple and all concerned realize that it is alright to have a different feeling.

Sadness, frustration, anger, anxiety about the future are all feelings that one will experience. Remember, time heals all wounds. Give yourself a break- know that even your productivity will be affected for example at work. All these will however seem alright if you accept that you are not superhuman.

Find someone to share these feelings with. You do not have to do it alone. Friends and family can help. Think about joining a support group, where you can talk to others in a similar situation.

Allow yourself to grieve the loss of the relationship, loss of companionship, financial support, loss of hopes and plans. Grieving helps in the healing process. New hopes and dreams will eventually replace the old ones.

When all is over, remember to stick by your children (if any), your family and relatives. Divorce is not an end but a beginning as well.

Sexual dimorphic behavior in mammal 

Differences of Sexual dimorphic behavior in mammal

Sexual dimorphism refers to a phenotypic difference shown by females and males within the same species. This means that there are those very specific but obvious differences between male and the female.

The major phenotypic difference that is obvious is presence or absence of reproductive organ. However, other differences behavior, secondary sex characteristics, ornamentation, and size are still present.

Sexual dimorphic behaviors in mammals are portrayed in various ways. First, is in the body composition. Animals with large body size tend to suppress the smaller ones when they are competing for males.  More so, this applies to males.

Although, the smaller sized animals have the same capabilities and organs they are more disadvantaged by the body size. However, competing for mating partners they are suppressed by the masculine sized males. Generally, mating is not determined by the body size.

Naturally, in most instances, females are larger than males in mammals.  Females unlike males reproduce more young ones to continue the generation. Unlike the mammals, the size of the sperm is too microscopic and it’s for fertilization purpose only.

In addition, the size of the females is largely contributed by storage of fat to provide the female with the required energy necessary for reproduction.

7 researched and verified mental illnesses affecting the elderly today


Mental illness is any brain related disease or disorder that affects a persons moods, thinking, reasoning, ability to relate with others and behavior. It is often a mental medical conditions that reduces ones ability to  cope with daily life demands. In this article we feature some of the mental disorders that affect the mental capability of senior citizens.


Research shows that one in four people will suffer depression at some point in their life. The elderly my suffer more from depression because their children have grown up and they may end up feeling alone and abandoned. Such thoughts may lead to  them being depressed. Lack of something to do with their time may also make older people feeling useless leading to depression, stress and anxiety especially for older people who had active and productive lives and young adults and have now retired, have nothing to do and their children have grown up and left the home. Depression is more common in adults who went through abuse at any points in their lives(physical, verbal or sexual abuse). These images of abuse may come back to the individual causing then to feel useless, unworthy and unloved.


It is a term used to describe brain disorders that affect memory, thinking and reasoning of an individual enough to interfere with their day to day life. The symptoms of dementia include significant impairement of any of the following;

  • Communication and language
  • Memory
  • Vision
  • Ability to pay attention
  • Reasoning

Dementia patients often have progressive symptoms that start off normal and gradually get worse.

Alzheimer’s disease

It is the most common form of dementia. It has no cure and worsens as it progresses leading to eventual death. Its symptoms which include short-term memory loss may be confused with age-related concerns or depression. As it progresses, symptoms include confusion, mood swings, trouble with language, violence and long-term memory loss. With time bodily functions are lost leading to death. However it should be noted that the eventual cause of death is an external factor such as pneumonia and not the disease itself.


It happens when blood flow to the brain stops and within seconds the brain cells start to die. There is ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot that clogs the blood vessels in the brain and there is  hemorrhagic stroke caused when a blood vessel ruptures and bleeds into the brain. Stroke is a medical emergency accelerated by either age or high blood pressure. It may cause serious brain damage or death.

After stroke a patient may experience memory loss, limb numbness, trouble walking and speech problems.


This is a mental disorder in which the elderly affected loses touch with reality. Symptoms include:

  • Hallucinations: affects any of the senses the most common being hearing voices
  • Delusions: false beliefs that are mostly paranoid in nature.
  • Catatonia: inability to interact at all with the world while awake and when a part of the body is moved it stays there even if it is a bizarre position.
  • Though disorders that affect speech and writing.

Parkinson’s disease

It is a generative disorder of the brain cells at the central nervous system. The cause of this disorder is unknown and it has no cure. In its early stage, symptoms include slow movement, shaking and difficulty walking (movement-related problems). In the late stages symptoms include dementia and depression, sleep and emotional problems. Sensory difficulties are also its symptom.


It is a rare mental disease that makes it almost impossible to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal, relate with others and manage emotions. A person with schizophrenia will have hallucinations, delusions, disorganized behavior and speech, have emotion expression problems.

Though it has no cure, there are medications to reduce these symptoms.