What was the main reason for targeting the Japanese American community?

What was the main reason for targeting the Japanese American community?  Was this reason based on facts or irrational perceptions?

The main reason for targeting the Japanese American community was as a result of prejudice, stereotype and fear. The reason was an illogical perception. After the Chinese suppression in United States, Japanese started being recruited in America as laborers. They were recruited in cane field of Hawaii and in vegetable and fruits farms in California. In United States their labor was welcomed as far as they remained docile but by the moment they showed signs of resistance whites perceived them as a threat and they feared being dominated.

Since the American labor union denied membership to any person of Asian ancestry, Japanese and Mexican farm laborers formed independent union and in 1903 they conducted a successful strike in California. In addition, Japanese laborers through labor contracting organizations negotiated for higher pay and they soon achieved. With age parity equal to the white workers they acquired enough money enough for leasing or buying farmland. Like the Chinese they were able to emerge rich and developed their agricultural land (Steven, High and Arundel 4).

Later the anti-Japanese campaign commenced. Mob arson and assault and other acts of lawlessness and violence began. Japanese were forcibly expelled from their farm land and later all the prejudices were institutionalized into law. As their predecessors, Japanese were prohibited from marrying whites, denied citizenship, their children were to attend segregated schools, they were denied the right from certain occupations and some laws that were mainly targeted to segregate them were enforced like they were denied the right to lease or own any land.

According to Gannis (87) Even after the exclusions the Japanese population still never decreased and quite a considerable number was married to the whites thus they remained permanent citizens. This resulted to the formation of Japanese American generation. However, the American still intensified their efforts to expel the Japanese and during this time mass media emerged as another strong weapon in this fight.

Soon motion pictures, radio, newspapers started stereotyping Japanese American as inassimilable and untrustworthy. The mass media hated the fact that the Japanese American in US as American valid citizens. As the Japan emerged as a military power the media falsely portrayed Japanese American as Japan agents. The disease of prejudice was spread all over America. With the denied access to media, the Japanese American was unable to fight the prejudice and false stereotype.


Should the U.S government be able to wiretap without letting its citizens know?

Research question: Should the U.S government be able to wiretap without letting its citizens know?

Purpose: The main purpose of this work is to establish whether the US government should be controlled and be limited to wiretap to prevent it from abusing and misusing it powers when it is allowed or it should be permitted to wiretap for the good of its citizens.

Bias check: First of all the topic interests me because I believe if one have nothing to hide then there is nothing to fear. Second, wiretapping has been utilized positively to curb criminal activities since it has been or will be used to unveil committed crimes thus providing evidence of the purported crime. Therefore, I would support wiretapping if it is only done in consideration to criminal activities since terrorists commit illegal activities affecting and killing innocent citizens then the US government law allow wiretapping without the citizen’s knowledge.


Should the U.S government be able to wiretap without letting its citizens know? With advanced technology like wiretapping the governments can now reach beyond it border in an attempt to protect all the citizens like never before. However with the new technology like wiretapping, the main question that arises regards their legality. For instance in 1960s and 70s the US government participated in wiretapping. Widespread wiretapping programs were used to spy groups thought to be a threat to the government. However it went ahead spying Dr Luther King Jr. which brought it to wild criticism and it was brought to analysis by first considering what the American constitution says about wiretapping. The essay will establish whether the US government should be controlled and be limited to wiretap so as to prevent it from abusing and misusing it powers when it is allowed or it should be permitted to wiretap for the good of its citizens.

Wiretapping is useful in defending American citizens

The American government has the powers to use any means to protect the American citizens from any form of terrorism. Monitoring of any criminal activities by the government agencies at any time from any place in the state has been enabled thus reducing crime levels (Sinyapkin, 2014) Thus for them to accomplish their task successfully wiretapping should be at the forefront. However, wiretapping is viewed as a violation of citizen’s privacy striking unending debate of those for and against. With the army in place and all other resources set aside to defend the country’s peace and security, America still faces terrorist threats and attacks. This implies that much effort is required to defend the country. This brings us to the ultimate need to use wiretapping technology.

Intelligence agencies should use wiretapping technology to monitor those planning to harm innocent citizens. War on terror is not like any other war which has been fought by the Americans. The enemy is quite fast, slippery and the rules are quite fuzzy. In addition, the very homeland has turned out to be the place for hiding and planning attacks. Given such reasons the American government requires the power to wiretap. After the September 11 attacks it was quite clear that the American security agencies had very little knowledge about Al Qaeda plots to attack the WTO. They could neither detect the terror group operative entry nor could they predict where they were planning to strike. The only solution is to wiretap and detect any follow up attacks (Mullikin and Rahman, 2010).

Some laws cannot address terrorism because they are outdated. However, creating new laws does not mean to hinder any military operations. Therefore for the American government to consistently address the issue of insecurity, it is important to continuously monitor all the communication and particularly those suspected to be from terrorists plus all their communication channels. For the government to achieve this it requires support from the citizens and it starts by supporting the new laws that allow the government wiretap. The citizens should as well comply with the government requirements as well as supporting any constitution amendment without hesitation (Sinyapkin, 2014).

Wiretapping interferes with individual privacy

The main nervousness behind wiretapping is that the US government gathers and keeps forever huge amount of individual information thus bringing the main fear of whether citizens are moving towards an era where the government knows everything about the citizens? With such fear the main question arises whether it’s possible for the government to keep all the citizens safe and at the same time not overstep the borders of person privacy as granted by the US constitution? The way people define privacy has changed over time but generally privacy can be understood as the right of keeping personal information free from being tampered with.

In current world we witness personal privacy being tampered with all the time. This has been done through unsolicited phone videos and pictures being taken without our permission, spoofing, identity theft, spamming and so forth. During this high technology era, citizens believe they have minimal control over their privacy. They can turn off their cookies, use of blocking tools, prosecuting identity thieves etc. However, an area they don’t have control over is the government surveillance. Constitutionally, it is the right of every citizen to enjoy their privacy as far as they are not violating any law (Stewart, 2014).

According to Stewart (2014) the government has overtime wiretapped people conversations often and the information obtained used in court rooms. She further claims government using wiretaps is an orthodox way of getting information. Therefore as the government has wiretaps today it will continue using the same technology in future thus putting individual privacy at a risk. Therefore if US government is allowed to wiretap, it will take control of every aspect of its citizen life thereby implementing total rule as well as doing away with the known constitution that guarantees privacy (McFarland, 2012)


Both notes agree with the fact that wiretaps are used by the US government for the benefits of the citizens thus it is here to stay. The US government has used wiretaps reduce terrorist attacks as well as using tapped conversations used in court rooms. Therefore wiretapping technology is there to stay for the benefit of every citizen. However, the difference is wiretapping has been used to interfere with privacy of individuals but the first text tends to view such interference as a benefit to the US government.


Interfering with individuals’ privacy leaves them more vulnerable to large institutions as well as the government’s unfair manipulation thus restricting individuals’ autonomy. The war against wiretapping is not dying soon as one side believes it is the right of the government to protect the state from any terrorists attack while other believes freedom is much important and the constitution rights should never be compromised. But according to my take wiretaps use without the knowledge of the citizens should be allowed.

Mental health interventions for refugees


Processes of resettlement are quite common among migrants and refugees. The fact that they do not have permanent homes places them at the disadvantage of not enjoying comfortability in one place. In the process of all this movement, they are forced to adapt to new cultures, learn new languages and such other necessities.

This resettlement can place their mental health at risk. The grief, loss and continuing anxiety over family and friends left behind can make it difficult to establish a new life. The fact that they are unemployed and lack recognition is another major cause of mental breakdown.

Some refugees have witnessed killings, war and trauma and in many obvious cases have been forced to migrate from their mother countries to other countries that may play host to them. Refugees are entitled to receive health care, welfare and social services depending on the policies and resources of the host country concerned.

Countries that have signed the United Nations Convention on Refugees are obliged to consider the application for anyone who claims refugee status and grant that person refuge on the basis of the evidence. Refugees possess few rights even in their countries of settlement which leads to their mistreatment in many spheres of life.

A number of national and non-governmental health agencies around the world provide impressive services frequently with very few resources in an attempt to meet some of the physical and psychological health needs of people forced to reside in refugee camps.

When one loses all their life achievements, wealth and social status in just one event to end up a refugee, they are bound to go into a state of mental instability. The thought that you once had all you had ever wanted and now you don’t is not a joke.

Voting process and system in the US explained


Voting per se is not a right defined in the U.S. constitution but is of built around the concepts of rights of “person”. Eligibility to vote in the U.S. is relevant at both the federal and state levels.

Currently, only American citizens can vote in federal elections. Each state has the discretion to provide qualifications for one to have voting rights in the various states. For example some states will accept non-citizens living in those states to participate not particularly in voting but also in the campaign for leaders they deem fit.

An amendment to the constitution (Voting Rights Act of 1965) was ratified specifically to extend voting rights to different groups of citizens. These extensions state that no one is denied the right to vote based on birth, race, sex, tax default etc. states may however deny the right to vote based on other reasons e.g. expiry of voter registration period, convicted felons et cetera.

One can vote if they satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Be a United States citizen.
  2. Be a resident of the concerned state.
  3. Should be 18 years or older on Election Day.
  4. Not found by a court to be mentally incompetent.
  5. Not in prison, parole or in county jail.

To register to vote, one must complete a brief voter registration application on paper or online. This can be done through the Secretary of state’s website, or you can pick up an application at your county elections office, any department of motor vehicles office and many post offices, public libraries and government offices.

Information sent online must be verified by your county elections official before you can be authorized to vote. Once registered, you do not need to re-register even if you did not vote in the last elections.  Your registration can however be cancelled if you have not voted in several consecutive general elections.

Qualities and characteristics of a good political and business leader free essay

Good leader essay introduction

Being a leader is one of the most crucial of positions in all institutions. People who end up being good leaders portray leadership skills from young ages and often find themselves being given positions without even campaigning for them.

Good leadership is portrayed in the amount of work that results from the area of work. The work done by individuals under the leadership of an individual is enough to either accredit or discredit the individual. Selecting a good leader is paramount in all spheres of life and those involved should weigh each and every person’s qualities before making such an important decision.

What are the most important qualities of a leader

For one to be a leader, they have to have to portray certain qualities. Virtues of honesty and hard work are paramount for any leader. A political leader should be someone who serves as an example to the people and should be loyal to the people they represent.

Someone with good communication skills is also required. The ability to speak and listen in return is crucial and should be possessed by every political leader. The political scene is accompanied by many lures and temptations and one may be tempted to misuse authority vested in them instead of doing what is right.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is also one of the most important characteristics of a leader. A business leader for example should be one who gives directions in the office about various operations and incase they fail, he or she should accept that they have failed in one way or the other and to immediately correct the situation.

Commitment is not a choice but a recommendation. One’s availability and presence among those he/she leads will ultimately lead to the success of the whole institution. Let us choose leaders wisely!

Teen prostitution in Ukraine essay summary

Teen prostitution in Ukraine essay summary

According to records, there are about 11,000 to 15,000 teenagers working as prostitutes in Ukraine. Of the total number, 62% were actually having unprotected sex in 2008 but this dropped to 40% in 2011. Regions of Southern Ukraine bear the highest numbers of individuals with HIV/AIDS. Death tolls are also high in the age group of 15 to 24 year olds.

Ukraine is a country that has lax law enforcement, a shaky economy and very high levels of corruption. It is therefore quite easy for pedophiles to engage in sexual activities with child prostitutes without the government lifting a finger. Some of the members of the political sphere participate in this dehumanizing act due to what may be called a strong appetite for children. This is probably the main reason why this vice is unending in Ukraine.

Tough laws have not been enacted by the government that  require long prison sentences for pedophiles. Human Rights activists have tried all ways to fight against it but have not been able to get through to the masterminds. The high poverty levels of the country make the case even worse.

Young girls are forced to engage in prostitution so as to get money for basic necessities. In other cases, predators find that paying a child for sex is way cheaper than paying for an escort. It may just involve candy for sexual contact. It is that easy. Homeless and poor children are particularly vulnerable.

Sale of child pornography is a common thing in Ukraine and has led to more than 1000 cases of sexual abuse over recent years. Children from 8 to 17 years are involved in this illegal activity. It hurts to think of the many lives destroyed in Ukraine. Something needs to be done, fast.


When did the western Roman empire start, end and how long it lasted

This was a period of decline in the West Roman Empire in which it disintegrated and split into many different states. The cultural influence is still felt up to date. The empire did not have the strength to rise again.

The events of the decline became a debatable subject and the fall of the Roman Republic was said to be a major reason for the fall of the kingdom. The empire suffered a serious crisis in the third century which was associated with rise of an empire known as Sassanid Empire that led to the crashing of Roman armies. Other problems that affected the empire were rising civil wars and barbarian invasions.

The empire however managed to survive the third century and was revived with more emphasis placed on the state’s army. The barbarians became accepted into the empire and they were given lands, recruited to the army and some of their leaders given positions in the leadership of the empire.

Cultural assimilation was sure to take place between the residents and the barbarians over the next few centuries. Official cruelty, support of extortion and corruption became widespread in the region. The emperors pretty much lost their control since anyone that provided money acquired control in one way or the other.

The rich families who did not pay tax took in more of the available wealth and income. The barbarians were in large numbers in the armies and their culture started being practiced in the army.

Slowly, the state of the empire started declining with the state’s currency facing lack of use. There were no more projects on architecture and more repairs were seen taking place than actual building. The efficiency of the army started going down.

With the many attacks and poor economy, the empire collapsed.