Topic Proposal and Thesis Statement. aspect of violence and the family. Your topic must explore a social issue.

Topic Proposal and Thesis Statement. aspect of violence and the family. Your topic must explore a social issue.Essay Topic Proposal and Thesis Statement
one paragraph summary stating their research essay topic, thesis statement, and two scholarly sociological sources (not including course readings) read on their topic.
Each student must explicitly state their research topic in the first sentence of their submission. Each student is also required to explicitly state in one sentence what they will be arguing in their essay. This one sentence statement of your argument is your thesis statement. Please note: A thesis statement is the argument of your paper. It is not the purpose of your paper. (What you intend to explore in your paper is the purpose of your paper.) It is not the topic sentence of your paper. (The topic sentence is the last sentence of your introductory paragraph stating what issues you intend to discuss in your paper.) A thesis statement is an argument. What are you arguing in your paper?
Grading Criteria for Essay Topic Proposal and Thesis Statement:
• Topic: (2 points) Your topic must emphasize some aspect of violence and the family. Your topic must explore a social issue.
• Sociological Analysis: (3 points) Your analysis of your topic must be sociological , critical, and analytical. Your analysis should emphasize how and why this social problem/issue occurs.
• Clear and Concise Thesis Statement: (3 points) Your proposal must contain a one sentence thesis statement that is the argument of your paper.
• Two Scholarly Sources: (2 points) Your proposal must include two scholarly sociological sources (not including course readings) that are directly relevant to your essay topic.
Scholarly sociological sources that are ACCEPTABLE are the following:
• Race and ethnicity journals and books
• Feminist and Women’s Studies journals and books
• Sociology of the Family journals and books
• Sociology journals and books
• Mass Communications journals and books
• Criminology journals and books
• Work and the Family journals and books
• Work and Occupations journals and books
• Sociology of Education journals and books
• History journals and books
Possible research topics include but are not limited to the following:
• The Eugenics Movement/Biological Deterministic arguments
• The restructuring of work
• Social inequality/social mobility
• Poverty in Canada
• Canadian immigration policy and Canadian nation-building
• Immigration and settlement issues
• Aboriginal peoples in Canada
• Racialized minorities in Canada (pick a particular racial/ethnic community)
• The role of the state
• The media and images of popular culture
• Racism and policing
• Racism and the criminal justice system
• Anti-Racism education
• Racism and nursing
• The feminization of nursing
• The medicalization of women/the feminization of mental illness
• Social Issues and AIDS (i.e., the social construction of “African AIDS”, women and AIDS)
• Racism in Canada (pick a particular issue involving one particular racial/ethnic group)
• The women’s movement in Canada (first wave, second wave or third wave feminism)
• The domestic labour debate/gender division of labour in the family
• Women and part-time work
• The feminization of work
• Women and the “glass ceiling”
• Men, masculinity and sport
• Women, femininity and sport
• The social construction of sex
• The social construction of heterosexuality/homosexuality
• Race, class and gender (i.e., Black feminist thought, South Asian feminist thought, Muslim feminist thought)
What is a Thesis? What is a Purpose? What is a Topic Sentence?
Your Essay Topic Proposal and Thesis Statement posting must clearly state your research topic, Thesis Statement, and two scholarly sociological sources (not including course materials) directly related to your essay topic. The introductory paragraph of an essay should always contain three specific statements or sentences:
1. The Purpose of the paper
2. The Thesis Statement
3. The Topic Sentence.
You should state the Purpose of your paper in a sentence. In this sentence, tell the reader what you will examine in your paper. For instance, if I was going to write a paper about foreign domestic workers (also known as live-in nannies, usually from the Philippines or the Caribbean), my statement of Purpose may look like this:
The Purpose of this paper is to explore how the Live-In Caregiver Program oppresses women of colour.
Thesis Statement
The Thesis Statement is the one-sentence argument of your paper. This is central to your paper. It is your argument. Without a Thesis, your paper has no argument. Furthermore, your argument must be based on a position. Be mindful that this is not the same as a personal opinion. Once you state your Thesis, in the body of your paper, you should critically and analytically support your argument. Your argument must be based on research (in other words, the use of secondary scholarly sources). Using the same example, my Thesis might look like the following:
This paper argues that state policies reproduce racism/sexism/classism by exploiting women of colour through the Live-In Caregiver Program.
Your Thesis Statement should be clear, concise, short, and focused. It must identify not only the social problem, but the social structure that creates, facilitates, or reproduces this social problem. A Thesis Statement should not use the words “due to” or “as a result of.” In your statement, you should also avoid the words, “how,” “discuss,” “examine,” or “explore.” These terms convey a Purpose, not a Thesis. If you are using these words, you are not making an argument per se. Importantly, a Thesis is not a Conclusion or Statement of Findings. A Thesis Statement is an argument. Your Thesis Statement should be carefully thought through.
Topic Sentence
The last sentence in your introductory paragraph is the Topic Sentence. A Topic Sentence lists the various sub-topics you are going to examine to make your argument. Using the example above, my Topic Sentence would read:
This paper discusses the following sub-issues: 1) racism/sexism/classism and the Live-In Caregiver Program, and 2) the non-existence of permanent residency status for women of colour and their experiences of legalized exploitation.
Your paper may be based on two or three sub-issues. I am looking for in-depth critical analysis, not superficial breadth. In other words, I expect students to cover a limited number of issues, with analytical depth. Papers that briefly mention numerous issues but fail to adequately time analyze these issues will result in a low grade.
Your paper should be written in the third person, not the first person. Do not include any personal experiences. This is a research paper that relies on scholarly sources. This is not a reflection paper. Do not mention yourself or use “I” in the paper.

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Subject: proposal

Pages / words: 5 / 1400

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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Topic: Thesis Proposal

Thesis Title: How can data mining models assist family businesses in successful operations?

Introduction (Do not exceed 250 words in this section)
This should be kept very, very brief and outline what is to be addressed, what the purpose of the proposed research is, and where the research is located (context).

Research Questions & Objectives (Do not exceed 250 words in this section)
A clearly specified research question providing a focus for the research. The research question should be narrow and deep. One research question is preferred, but a maximum of two may be suitable if the questions are closely related. Objectives should be specified using the SMART or similar criteria.

Literature Review (This section should be approx. 1,250 words in length)
This should be a mini literature reviewwhich seeks to identify the current state of knowledge of the literature in the area within which your research question is located. You should identify key themes, strengths and limitations of existing literature and communicate understanding of where your research fits within this wider context.

Methodology (This section should be approx. 1,250 words in length)
This section needs to identify the key area areas that a methodology should address. This includes: research philosophy (ontology and epistemology), the research approach, the research strategy, time horizons and the data collection and analysis methods to be adopted. The work also needs to consider issues relating to reliability and validity (or their qualitative equivalents) and ethics.

The work should be professionally presented. Your text should be supported with citations through-out. Citation support and references should be Harvard style. The structure of the work should be logical and clear.