Chinese education systems essay


Education in China is inarguably the largest education system in the whole world. This is because on June 2014, there were 9.39 million students taking the National Higher Education Entrance Examination in China. Investment in education accounts for about 4% of the total Gross Domestic Product.

In 1986, the Chinese government passed a compulsory education law making nine years of education mandatory for all Chinese children. Today there are an estimated 99.7% of people with universal nine-year basic education.

International students have also enrolled in over 746 higher education institutions in China. China has a consistent teacher development system. Teaching is among the most respected professions in China. Teachers spend a lot of time perfecting their skill before they can be admitted to any teaching system.

Pre-school education is also an important component. In urban areas, it is mainly kindergartens of 3 years, two years or one year that could be full, part time or even boarding. The 9 year system of education comprises of primary and secondary education.

Higher education has in many ways played a very important role in the economic construction, science progress and social development by bringing up advanced talents and experts into the field of work. The education system however consists of pressurizing programs even on weekends that leave the students extremely tired.

The problem however comes about when the students are not let to make decisions for themselves where they could learn their interests like in U.K. schools. They hardly participate in co-curricular activities and that is why we see lesser numbers involved in more physical activities compared to intellectual ones.

Problems such as these need to be addressed before the system gives the society unequipped students with very high IQs.