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    Civic engagement (equity power sharing and renewal of civil society)

    Civic engagement (equity power sharing and renewal of civil society)
    Although the American civil society is filled with shortcomings and blind spots, it is still a living thing that is growing and evolving. Over the past 50 years it’s been characterized by tearing down the barriers and obstacles that inhibit and harbor many people from involvement in civic participations such as color race gender sexual discrimination amongst others.
    Not every barrier has been conquered; however several steps have been made in cutting them down and as a result there is unmatched diversity among those engaged in civil society through giving voting and volunteering.
    Civil society is a private action in pursuit of the public good. It should be broadened to accommodate the concept of public because a diverse civil society seeks to consider other identities and other goods for the benefit of all.
    People should never relent and get tired in handling all the baggage that comes in pursuit for an all accommodating civic society. Challenges keep arising as a result of holding different viewpoints, having divergent believes based on identity religion and beliefs but managing all of such differences amicably is the main focus of a working civic society.
    People should engage each other genuinely and resist the temptation to approach deliberations with inclinations towards tribes and other prejudices. The end product in such is the creation of fractures within society and these can turn into a civil war.
    American civil society has weathered numerous storms over times some that are still being experienced firsthand. Problems are not new, they are expressed differently or take different forms but they should not hold us back from fighting to build a better society as Gardener did in the 1960s.
    Gardener was a civil rights champion who dedicated his life to improve the lives of others, knit people together so as to make the world a better place for all humanity. Sharing in his vision will usher in new phases of civic action and remind Americans of the need of having a working civic society.

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