College Admission Personal Statement Subject: Computer science

Computer science
College Admission Personal Statement
Choose 4 out of 8 questions. The link below is the requirement questions for freshmen. Background: I am a high school student. I am an immigrant that live in Unites States already 3 years. Job experience: Volunteering at a kindergarten in summer. Teach children math and communicate with teachers. Internship: working in a small tech company called Hack the Hood in my junior year in summer. At the tech company, I learn about the basic level of programming language such as CSS, HTML and Java Script. I also build the networking with tech people and help the small business to build their own website. I also have 4 business trip and also can communicate with the person work there and learn the what is the function in their tech company. Moreover, I studied HTML programming language to build the website at community college in summer. At my senior year, I still sign up for continuing learning programming language at Hack the Hood as well. My dream job is computer science and I am very passion about it. Education: all A student in my sophomore and junior year except one B at the beginning on my sophomore year. In my junior year: I compete 1 AP computer science, honors Chemistry, honors English. Learning in community college about Web design using HTML language. (A student) My challenges are English is not my first language and learning computer science is also a challenge. Requirement: I hope you can make my college admission essay creative and unique and can stand out in all the college admission. Use past, present and future tense Use some professional vocabulary You can make a story about why am I into computer science. Showing the confidence in the essay. Answer the 4 questions. The words should not be over 350 words in each questions. THANK YOU:)

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