Comparative West European Politics

Question is: Discuss the following statement: ‘Far-right parties in France, Germany and Sweden since 2000 have been minor actors and have not influenced political life’. Select one party for each state and justify your choices. Info from the institution can be found here: • Your essay must be double spaced and typed in at least 12 point in a readable font. • Include the word count on your essay (at the top of the first page or at the end of the essay). • Include page numbers. APPENDIX 2: Guidelines for Writing Essays 1. Introduction At the beginning of the essay, state what the chosen topic is, what your argument is, what your structure is, and why you are examining these issues. This section should constitute a concisely and precisely written paragraph. The reader should know your answer to the question by the end of this first paragraph. It should be clear how you intend to proceed through your essay. Once you have announced the overall structure of your essay, make sure that you adhere to it. 2. Quality of Argument To achieve higher marks, you should make a strong, clear and confident argument that is nuanced and shows awareness of the relevant literature. The development of the argument should be cumulative: each section should carry the argument a stage further, and should provide supporting evidence, analysis and illustration. Sections should follow on from each other in a fluid and logical manner so that your argument is developed to its full extent. Keep the title of the essay in mind at all times during your argument so that your essay remains relevant throughout and the question is answered. Finally, bear in mind that creative and original arguments, based on neglected and nuanced supporting evidence, will earn you even more marks. 3. Strength of Conclusion There should be a full conclusion paragraph to your essay, stating what has been achieved and its significance. This should be related back to the introduction and to the title of the essay. 4. Writing style Try to write paragraphs of a similar length to each other, perhaps around 200-300 words in length each. Each paragraph should have one main idea that you then analyse in detail, and support your arguments with references (see next point). Sentences should be precise and concise; give examples to support your argument, and make sure that the sentence does not ‘waffle’. Be sure to read your essay several times through, making changes as you go, to maximise your clarity and avoid simple spelling mistakes. 5. Source, References and Bibliography You cannot gain an upper second or first class mark by simply referring to the main course textbooks or only the core reading for particular topic. For your argument to be well developed, you will need to read more widely, and you will need to identify the relevant literature. Ensure that you make use of your sources by employing quotations – and/or paraphrasing – effectively. This will provide evidence of your reading. Your essay should include references and a bibliography – failure to include these may result in your essay not being marked and could lead to up to 10 marks being deducted. The references and