Comparison of life before and after social media


The world is now regarded as a global village due to the influence of social media to the people. Introduction of interactive sites as well as chatting sites have really bridged the gap between many parties. It is indeed hard to imagine a world without cell phones, tablets, computers or even laptops to name but a few.

There are services that provide information about places all over the world including the best hotels, motels, schools and such without even having to physically visit the place. Books are downloaded from the internet; people can attend school programs on the internet without moving a muscle. Well, probably just a finger.

The world before social media might have actually been boring in my opinion. One had to look for information on various spheres of life unlike now where information is right under your nose. Libraries were stacked with books that were difficult to find and the number of friends one had actually depended on their travel history.

Without emails, Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites there were limited sources of information such as the television and the radio. It was indeed difficult to start such at the time as a result of people and even the government being too conservative.

You want to know what people did before social media; they went about their own lives and waited to be informed. They used the little information they had and did not seem to mind. In short, they did nothing much. Now, boundaries have been crossed, inventions made and friendships enhanced. Not  bad at all is it?