Employee selection process paper where you conduct a worker-oriented job analysis to determine the knowledge, skill, ability, and other requirements of the job

Homework 2: Selection Battery (10 pts)

The first step in the employee selection process is to conduct a worker-oriented job analysis to determine the knowledge, skill, ability, and other requirements of the job. This will specify the key characteristics that the company should look for in an applicant. In the selection process, the company does not have access to performance data for the applicants. Thus, they must use predictor tests to assess whether the applicant has the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job. These predictor tests are combined into a selection battery, a series of tests which will be administered to applicants during the selection process.

You have already completed a job analysis for the main character’s job title in your selected movie / TV series. Thus, you have a list of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required on the job. Now you must identify predictor tests that can be used to assess whether the applicant has the KSAOs required for the job and combine those predictor tests into a selection battery. Follow these steps:

• 1. List each of the required KSAOs identified in the job analysis.
• 2. Determine the type of predictor test that could best be used to assess each KSAO. A few things to consider:
a. You are required only to indicate the category of predictor test (e.g., general cognitive ability test; overt integrity test; structured interview; high fidelity work sample) not a specific test (e.g., Wonderlic).
b. Remember, not all predictor tests are appropriate for all KSAOs. For example, you wouldn’t use a general cognitive ability test to determine an applicant’s interpersonal skill.
c. In selecting the appropriate category of test, consider practical constraints – time, cost, etc. While you could use a high fidelity work sample (e.g., simulated building fire) to assess for stress tolerance, a paper and pencil personality test would likely be sufficient.
d. While each KSAO needs to be assessed, each KSAO does not necessarily require a different test. When finalizing your battery, again consider practical constraints. Try to assess each KSAO using as few tests in the overall battery as possible. For example, you could administer a personality test to assess interpersonal skill. However, if you are already using an interview to assess communication skills, the interview could be used to assess interpersonal skill as well and the personality test could perhaps be eliminated. There is no “correct” number of predictor tests to use – it depends on the situation.
• 3. Build a battery including all of the predictor tests selected and link the predictors to the KSAOs assessed. A few things to consider:
a. All KSAOs must be assessed by at least one predictor test
b. Predictor tests can and should be used to assess more than one KSAO
c. It is possible (and beneficial) that a KSAO may be assessed by more than one predictor

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