Explain why spiritual aspects are important to consider for a patient who has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Explain why spiritual aspects are important to consider for a patient diagnosed with diabetes.
Diabetes is a chronic disease which affects the tripartite nature of a human being the body the mind and soul/spirit. Attending to the medical needs of any diabetes patient will require reclamation of the disease from a spiritual perspective. This will involve attending to the whole person, the physical emotional social and spiritual needs. Serving diabetes patients should involve spending time with them, holding their hands and genuinely talking about what is important to them.
Helping a diabetes patient find meaning in their suffering and addressing their spirituality through compassionate care can elevate the severity of the disease and bring healing. Man is never destroyed in suffering but through suffering without meaning. Religion and spirituality form the basis of meaning and purpose for many people. A diabetes patients does not only struggle with the physical aspects of the disease, he suffers other pains such as the pain related to mental and spiritual suffering which disables him to engage the deepest questions of life. A diabetes patient may be asking questions such as: why is this happening to me now? What will happen to me after I die? Is their God? True healing requires answers to such difficult questions. Healing at its core is purely spiritual.
Spirituality is an integral task for the sick although it is often ignored. Patients grappling with chronic diseases deal with grave issues such as transcendence and they need someone to be present and support them in the process. Spirituality has a greater influence on health. People who have regular religious practices tend to live longer and to push through life difficulties such as diseases. A diabetes patient who is spiritual may utilize his beliefs in coping with the illness, pain and other life stresses. Inducing a spiritual touch in patients with chronic illnesses tends to have a more positive outlook in the patient’s condition. Spiritual commitment accelerates recovery from illness because it elevates suffering and gives hope to the sick patient.

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