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    Frankenstein and The Dead theme comparison

    Frankenstein and The dead
    The two novels have a convergent theme of alienation and in both novels; it is alienation that is a major driving force for all characters. Alienation alters the general plot of both novels and a resolution is arrived at in both novels due to alienation. Alienation is the major cause of death in both novels.
    Alienation is a dominant theme in Joyce’s ‘’The Dead’’. It was a product of the Second World War that fragmented society. Many people were left desolate and people retreated into themselves because they didn’t know how to fit into the new society. Gabriel is a product of modern society and does not know how to interact with others in a party. He regularly retreats to a hidden window to himself; he even wishes he was alone. His education separates him from the rest. This is evident with how he struggles with his speech to suit the audience. Gabriel is in a socially awkward situation which increases his feelings of alienation and a desire for a solitude life. His conversation with Gretta reveals the emptiness he is in since he realizes that his wife is more connected to Furey than with him. Gabriel is completely alienated from life and has not really been living.
    The monster in Frankenstein is the embodiment of alienation. His first encounter with mankind bores rejection. His creator Victor Frankenstein is disgraced with creating it the moment it’s born. Within hours, the monster is viciously attacked by town people and it flees into the forest. He stumbles into the Delacey home where he shortly learns of love and family something that he craves desperately. His infant experiences haunt him. He is bothered by his terrifying appearances. To find acceptance he does all sorts of jobs at the Delacey home expecting to find recognition yet this never comes to be. He is treated just like its creator and the town people. It dawns on the monster that he will never be accepted into the human family. The monster will never overcome his alienation from humankind. In reiteration he seeks revenge on whoever created it. His plea for having a companion of his kind is futile. He vows to cause his creator similar alienation too. The monster kills Victor’s wife and renders him lonely, isolated and miserable too. The monster reveals how isolation can turn destructive.
    Both novels reveal the effects of isolation on human life.

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