Gangs and their relation with urban community

Gangs and their relation with urban community
A gang is a group of associates friends or members of a family operating under a defined leadership with internal organizations which controls a given territory in a community and engages either individually or collectively in illegal and violent behavior. Gangs sprung up in American communities around the 19th century and became a concern for city leaders.
The urban poor ghetto, the socially isolated inner city and the underclass neighborhoods are full of gangs. It is common to run into street gangs lurking about in dimly lit streets preying upon the local residential population and destroying the social fabric of communities.
Gang life is closely associated with teenage child bearing and many of those involved in it rely on welfare dependency. Gangs have a negative contribution to communities they operate in. Gangs introduce heightened levels of violent crime and thrive in drug distribution in suburban communities. Most gang homicides are as a result of attempts to expand its activities into another gang’s territory.
Gangs typically act in concert, planning violent criminal operations and gang members can randomly commit acts of violence. They recruit young desperate youths into their operations and thus paralyze the scope of life for many within communities because a number of gung members end up with gun wounds if not death.
Drug distribution at retail and wholesale levels within communities is dominated by gangs. Marijuana, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin amongst other drugs find their way into communities through gang channels. There is nothing positive that comes out of gangs to benefit any community.
The economic impact of gang activities in communities is deleterious because people are constantly robbed of their valuables, businesses are paralyzed and investors becoming weary of pouring money into projects in areas where gang activities are prevalent due to fear of running into immeasurable losses.

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