HYPERTENSION IN HISPANICS and the preventive measures that will work

Hispanic culture and hypertension

72% of Hispanics with hypertension/ high blood pressure get cardiovascular diseases and stroke compared to 66% of non-Hispanic whites in the US. The Hispanic paradox is that although most Hispanics are prone to obesity and type 2, non-insulin dependent, diabetes, they are more resistant that whites and African American to hypertension.

75% of women age 20 and older in Hispanics are obese. Obesity can cause chronic heart diseases and hypertension too. Hispanics are advised to watch the potions in the food they eat to prevent obesity are the consecutive diseases that come with being overweight.

30% of Hispanics have diabetes and do not realize it. Untreated diabetes can be dangers including cardiovascular complications. 24-74 year olds are the majority diabetes victims among Hispanics.

From the above statistics it is easy to tell that Hispanic’s prevalence to high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes is more because of their bad life style choices. Hence Hispanics need to be educated on how to make better life, diet choices to reduce their susception to these life threatening diseases. With good life choices and portion management, they will reduce the possibility of having to live with the diseases.

Poor life choices are not the only things making Hispanics die of diseases like diabetes which causes hypertension. Ignorance and governments in ability to educate them on the benefits of regularly checking their blood pressure and body mass index has cost the life of many Hispanics because they have been living ignorant of what and how to check and do in case they have one of these life threatening diseases.