Impact of technology at work organization, work outcome and business

Impact of technology on work and business
Technological advancements have brought about numerous transformations on how work organizations and businesses are functioning.
In work organizations technology at the human level has resulted in varying opinions. To some technology has made jobs more complex and satisfying whereas to others it has resulted in bewilderment and incompetence. The manner in which work is organized has been transformed in areas of communication. Computers and use of the internet have eased information flow. The use of the email makes sending and receiving of information quick. Easy availability of reliable internet connection anytime and anywhere means that workers are only a text or email away. This way technology allows for flexibility at work. Availability of smart phones has brought about the use of numerous applications which are essential tools for communication. The management team can use social media to pass across urgent information across the entire work spectrum. Technology enhances performance at work. Appraisal systems rely on centralized data of employees has become easier for those in management.
Technology brings about both negative and positive impact on work outcome. Negatively technology hampers concentration and attention during work. This can translate to injuries at work or little input during working hours. It also creates break downs due to overreliance on use of sophisticated gadgets. Positively technology has increased productivity by reducing dependency on manpower. When technology replaces manpower, productivity increases tremendously. Technology has created systems that provide checks and balances in work organizations. Accountability has become possible due to technology where anyone can be held accountable.
In business use of technology has eased work. Use of computers for online business transactions has been made possible, for instance sending and receiving of both soft copy and hard copy business documents is just a keyboard away. Technology is an essential tool in business planning, marketing, and communication. Most business transactions are conducted via mobile phones and the internet. Through use of internet, business has gone global. Electronic banking, commerce and shopping are part of today’s way of doing business.

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