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    Importance of mathematics creative essay

    The importance of mathematics.
    Mathematics entails the methodical application of matter because mathematics makes man systematic in everything he does. Through it qualities such as reasoning creativity abstract thinking, critical thinking problem solving and effective communication skills become possible.
    Mathematics is the cradle of all creations and without it the world would be static. Everyone be it a carpenter, a cook, a musician, a doctor and a mechanic among others need mathematical knowledge in their day to day lives. It is not only humans that apply mathematics, insects too such as snail spiders and bees use it in designing shells, webs and hexagonal combs.
    The present age is one of skill development and approach. The more mathematical we are in our approach, the more successful we become. Mathematics offers rationality to our thoughts; it is a tool in our hands that makes life simple and easier. Financial management requires mathematical knowledge at most.
    This is the most practical application for math in everyday life. If one can’t add or subtract correctly, it becomes difficult for you to survive in a dollar society. To be able to understand the terms of a loan and any forms of investment, a higher understanding of higher maths such as algebra is required.
    This will help you see how the interest grows and project any loss. Human health and fitness can be made possible through using mathematics.
    Reduction in body mass index requires plenty of mathematical calculation is the objective is to be attained. Weight lifting requires knowledge in mathematics to determine how much weight you are lifting. Outdoor landscaping requires accurate use of measurements to befit a designated planter box.
    Mathematics is indeed a universal language. Human expeditions into space have heavily relied on this knowledge. When man set out into space, out of curiosity he encoded mathematical equations as a tool of communication with any extra-torrential creatures. The future is inclined to mathematics with numerous technological innovations borrowing a great deal from mathematics. Isn’t it a universal understanding that one plus one equals two?

    Type of service: Academic paper writing

    Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

    Subject: english

    Pages / words: 5 / 1400

    Number of sources: 2

    Academic level: Undergraduate

    Paper format: APA

    Line spacing: Double

    Language style: US English

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