Men decision making right on abortion

Men and abortion
Decision making with regards to abortion is a sensitive topic of discussion in view of the divergent perspectives as held by both men and women. Society is pre-dominantly patriarchal. Most governments are dominated by gender disparities where men have an upper hand over women when it comes to passing judgments which go a long way in affecting lives of both genders. Although copulation involves two parties, the circumstances surrounding sexual acts differ much and the entire nine month pregnancy cycle burden is left in the hands of a woman. Broadly abortion is however not exclusively a woman’s decision considering a number of factors surrounding it. These include societal norms, religion, healthcare, rape amongst others. The essay will look at abortion in light of rape as a causative factor and the implication it has on its victims. An article about a recent abortion law in Alabama will be used.
Key words: gender inequalities, abortion, human rights

Men and abortion
A recent decision in Alabama has criminalized abortion. The decision in Alabama was on the basis of gender inequality as established from underlying data. It appears like women are still being deprived of their inalienable right to life. Statistics in Alabama have 51 per cent of its population dominated by women yet the legislative wing has an 84 per cent male demography (Prasad2019). It can be deduced that this decision saw the light of day due to gender bias which has disadvantaged women and deprived a lot from them. Factors surrounding any pregnancy call for different litigation approaches. Rape is one of the major contributing factors on abortion. According to the Alabama public health website, RAINN the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network approximates 321,500 cases of rape are reported yearly with a majority involving minors aged 12 and above. The Alabama law enforcement agency latest data indicate that 1,890 cases have been reported to law enforcement recently. Imposing an abortion law without factoring such statistics is an act of injustice toward women. Every individual deserves a right when it comes to reproductive health. Criminalization abortion without factoring its reproductive context denies women such an equal right to life. The stigma associated to rape is overwhelming. Decisions affecting rape victims require emphasize on the bill of human rights without any kind of bias if rape victims are to receive a fair litigation. The United Nations rights committee asserts that access to abortion and prevention of maternal mortality are human rights. A press release on thirty first October 2018 from the center of reproductive rights through Nancy Northup welcomed and strongly supported the decision by the United’s Nation human rights committee. Nancy went further and stated that comprehensive reproductive health services such as abortion are a necessary right and guarantee to women and girls and they are absolutely no discrimination to any gender.
The United Nations international directive offers a window on abortion which should be upheld worldwide to avert gender discrimination. Any contrary decision puts women at societal disadvantage as it is with the Alabama ruling. Men should offer sober rulings without taking advantages that society bestows on them.

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