New Jersey v. T.L.O summary brief case essay

Subject: Education
Topic: New Jersey v. T.L.O

Paper details:

***please looking carefully for all directions***

Research the New Jersey v. T.L.O case and develop a summary or brief of the case. Use at least three additional sources with the Essex textbook “School Law and the Public Schools
A Practical Guide for Educational Leaders
Nathan L. Essex”  for this assignment.

***It should follow the guidelines that are located on the file. The rubric used to evaluate the brief is located on the Content page, also.

**There is a sample case on the Content page – please review this document and use it as a guide in formatting your case brief on the New Jersey  case.

***Each brief should be double space typed and should be at least four pages in length. Provide citations in the text and a reference list for each brief. All briefs must use three outside sources for each case in addition to the textbook. Use APA format for citing your sources in text and in your reference list. Use the 12 point font with one-inch margins.
The briefs should use the following outline with subheadings for each of the nine points in the outline:
1. Complete citation. For example, San Antonio v. Rodriguez, 411 U.S. 1, 93 S.CT. 1278, 36 L.ED. 16.
2. Parties involved in the case. Explain who the individuals are who were the parties involved in the case. Who were the plaintiffs and who were the defendants?
3. The date and place where the case was tried. Research each case and explain where the case was tried in the trial court, appellate court, state supreme court and U.S. Supreme Court.
4. The facts of the case. Provide details on the important facts of each case.
5. Issues or legal questions raised in each case. Explain what the particular issue or legal questions that are addressed in 
the case.
6. The trial court’s, appellate court’s and Supreme Court’s decisions and rationale for each issue. Be certain to explain the decision from each court. Do not use only the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.
7. The educational implications of each case.
8. The student’s personal view and observations on the case; and
9. A list of three outside references used to research the case in addition to the textbook. Please use scholarly journals or databases.

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