Nike breaking case analysis

Nike breaking

The Nike shoes have taken the marathon world by storm since 2016. For the record, 13 male runners adorned in Nike shoes have recorded the fastest marathon times in history. Debates are arising in attempts to question the authenticity of the Nike shoes although according to the IAAF regulations and standards, the Nike shoes are within the stipulated standard.

Eliud kipchoge is known globally as the first man under the sun to run the 26.2 mile distance under two hours 1:59:14 while Brigid Kosgei set the latest women’s world marathon record in Chicago at 2:14:04. Little is mentioned about Nike the company behind their success.

Nike’s shoe advancements begun in 2015 when the company decided to replace lightweight with right weight. To achieve this company decided to incorporate foam into their prototype shoes. Despite of a slight increase in weight, this was to cushion its runners feet over the length covered in a marathon.

They began using a huge stack that is superlight foam underneath the foot. A spoon shaped carbon fiber plate was added to stiffen the shoe to rock runners as they paced forward just like they were running downhill.

Nike shoes are currently designed with a 36 millimeter midsole. The vapor fly 4% Nike shoes also contain new midsole foam, pebax, so lightweight that it is almost like running barefoot. These shoes also contain a carbon fiber plate in the midsole which might increase energy or might improve foot function during the running stride.

The shoes have been scientifically proven by the Nike experts in a scientific journal that the shoes could improve marathon up o three times.
Kipchoge and Kosgei’s victories can be attributed to the numerous scientific research findings at Nike that invented the prototype shoes which are suitable in long distance marathon races.

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