Persuasive essay about school uniforms and the good and bad about the policies

Writing an introduction for school uniform essay

Policies regarding school uniforms differ from one school to the next. The School Uniform Policy however requires schools to review and document school uniform or dress code requirements in consultation with their communities and to develop strategies for the wearing of school uniforms.

School uniform consists of clothing including footwear and headwear. Uniforms are meant to identify a student with the particular institution they attend. All students are required to wear full school uniform during school hours and any other time they engage in school activities outside school hours.

Selection of school uniform should contribute to the health and safety of students especially when they engage in school activities. The community’s standards and expectations should also be reflected. Both parents and the community as a whole have a role to play in determining the school uniform to be put in place. Anti-discriminatory and equal opportunity legislations are put in place to ensure equality in uniform selection.

Importance of school uniform

There must be a form of consultation before the school’s uniform is selected among; students, teachers, parents and or guardians of the concerned students. The uniform should take into consideration the nature of the student population and should not put any student at a disadvantage.

Economic, personal, social and cultural factors affecting students and their families should also be considered. This policy is reviewed every five years and necessary changes are made. Whenever issues arise, the policy is reviewed.

The whole point of a school uniform policy is to ensure equality in uniform wearing as well as put in place a certain sense of discipline especially since non-compliance with uniform requirements results in expulsion or suspension of the said student. The involvement of students in uniform selection gives them a sense of pride in their school.