Pop music influence on culture


Pop is derived from the term “popular”. Pop music is therefore a genre of popular music which originates from the 1950s. It borrows from other styles of music like urban, dance, rock, Latin and country.

This style of music follows a specific format often the verse-chorus structure. It also features music instruments such as electric guitars and drums. The main goal of this music is to provide pleasure when listened to rather than having much artistic depth.  It has made use of technological innovation for example in the 1940s where the microphone design allowed a more intimate singing style.

Pop music has been dominated by the American and from the mid-1960s; British music industries joined the scene. The culture has been manifested all over the world through movies, music, television shows, newspapers and magazines. This is made possible by the fact that the entertainment industry is one of the most important spheres of economic activity. The industry generates more income from overseas sales than any other commercial industry.

The impact that pop music has on the youth is varied since types of music do differ from one artist to another. On average, American youth listen to music and watch music videos four to five hours a day which is more time than is spent doing any other activity.

With the growth of the pop music industry more songs with adult content are being produced and therefore the industry has made available warning labels as well as parental guidance notifications.

Music is and forever will be a part of life for us all. How it grows and its influence on us and our children is to be determined by the direction we let it take. Let  us therefore point it to the positive direction.