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    Psychological effect of all abuse on children into adulthood

    Psychological effect of all abuse on children into adulthood
    Sigmund Frued first hinted about sexual abuse in the etiology of hysteria where he associated much of the strife that his adult patients experienced to their childhood experiences such as parental abuse. Freud also argued that most of what his patients were suffering from could be traced back to their repressed experiences.

    Everything that happens during a child’s developmental stages has a bearing on the life and into its adulthood because the past is never dead.
    Abuse of all kinds towards children does not only hamper brain development and result in brain complications in children but it results in psychiatric complications such as panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorders.

    Early maltreatments amongst children have enduring effects on brain development. They are the sole causative for abnormalities which many adult patients manifest. These childhood abuses result in psychiatric disorders at childhood into adolescents and adulthood. A victim’s anger can be directed inward to spawn depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation or be directed towards aggression, substance abuse and hyper activity.

    Several psychiatric disorders are fueled by childhood trauma resulting from all manner of abuse. Psychosomatic disorder is caused by child abuse. The condition is characterized with patients experiencing physical complains without any medical cause. Panic disorder originates from child abuse. It is a psychiatric condition where the patient experiences a sudden and acute onset of terror and may narrow their range of activities to avoid being outside more so in public in case they have an attack.

    Child abuse also results in borderline personality disorder where victims envision everything in lenses of black and white. They suffer unstable relationships, constantly feel empty and unsure of their identity, often try to escape reality through substance abuse and experience self destructive thoughts and suicidal thoughts. They are plagued by anger and most often direct it to themselves.

    Child abuse also result in conditions such as dissociative identity disorder where at least two seemingly separate people occupy the same body at different time each with no knowledge of the other. Child abuse results in deadly psychological problems that haunt individuals throughout their lives.

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