Social media and body imaging research paper

Social media and body imaging
Today a majority of people are tempted to believe in the almost perfect images posted on social media not knowing that most of them are highly edited. Others begin hating their natural appearances on the basis of trying to compare themselves with what gets uploaded on instagram, twitter and facebook. This is how powerful social media has found its way in influencing the general body outlook and images of many around the world.
Human beings are creatures that fancy emulation. With technological advances that have brought social media, many of its users end up trapped in the social media culture. Comparison is one issue troubling social media users. Social media use causes unnecessary pressure on many of its user who in turn develops a quest for image perfection. There is no doubt social media has an impact on the self concepts, self esteem, body image and body dissatisfaction amongst those who use it.
Social media is not a real life. It’s a farfetched glamour that cannot be attained by many yet this is the case with its users. The platforms create a kind of syndrome in its users. For instance people using facebook and instagram become so obsessed with the number of likes that any of their post attracts. The more the likes the more reassuring one gets and the less the likes the more likely someone might end in depression. In order to stay relevant on social media, people go out of their ways to obtain perfect body images just to please their social media funs. Today a number of people are living their lives via social media and they get to extremes to maintain their presence there.
Body dissatisfaction constantly occurs as a result of overreliance on social media. The more one ages the more likely he gets obsolete but many will hung on by delving into use of make ups and other beauty enhancing products so as to satisfy their insecurities created from social media use.

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