Social media and mental health of teens and young adults

Social media and mental health of teens and young adults
Social media entails the use of forms of electronic communication sa web sites for social networking and micro-blogging through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other related content. Popular networking sites include facebook, linkedIn, pinterest twitter and instagram. Integration of social media into smart phones has made it easily accessible with young adults being the most active user.

It is extraordinarily popular because of a need to belong and need for self presentation. Among young adults a majority of them are driven into social media to connect with others with whom they share common interests. However social media use can be linked to a number of negative outcomes amongst young adults. Depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior loneliness and narcissism are mental health complication resulting from it.

Major depressive disorders, dysthymia, bipolar mania, narcissism, antisocial personality disorder among others affect many young adults today. Many of these negative mental health outcomes originate from social media.

Depression among young adults directly correlates to overuse of facebook. Research findings indicate that many college students who reported having numerous facebook friends experienced lower emotional adjustments to college life.

Students who spent more time on facebook are reported to experience lower self esteem compared to those who spent less time on social media platforms. Overreliance on social media amongst adolescents results in low friendships. It is also very likely that a high frequent social media user may suffer depression. Social media platforms are the causative factor of greater depression symptoms among the young adults.

The young mind gets accustomed to social media more than real life interactions. Out of it, the user becomes addicted to the platform as a way of life. He in turn withdraws himself from actual life interactions which deny him a wholesome opportunity to develop well from one stage of life into the other. Social media withdraws the young adults from fruitful healthy human interaction and renders them mentally unhealthy and unable to associate in the normal natural ways.

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