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    Social media is bad for college student cause and effect essay

    Social media is bad for college student.
    Technological advancements have brought about both positive and negative implications in contemporary society. Social media which encompass use of social networks such as facebook, watsap and twitter have a direct bearing on education. Although social media platforms offer a platform of interaction during the teaching and learning process, a number of limitations accompany it.
    Overreliance on social media by students results into the dependency syndrome. Students are cut from actively engaging their minds. Instead majority of them become adapted to the internet as a one stop shop for sourcing all manner of information. The resulting effect is students become inclined to social media platforms and become used to copying and pasting of information. Originality is highly elusive amongst students who are inclined to social media use.
    Social media is a destructive force during active classes. Many a time’s students who are addicted to social media cannot afford longer moments of concentration. Many will be tempted to pop into social media just to stay up to date with what is transpiring from their outside world. Consequently such students miss crucial information from their tutors due to divided attention. College students using social media are likely to cripple their higher order reasoning processes such as synthesis and evaluation of concrete information. Concentration focus and persistence of such students is constantly altered to an extent that the student’s ability to think critically falls at stake because of overreliance on social media sources such as the internet. Persistent use of social media results in poor critical thinking skills.
    Social media exposes college students to repetitive interactive and addictive stimuli. This stimulus accounts for permanent changes in ones brain structure which results in damaging of the learning skills of students. The longer one is on social media platforms the more it degrades the concentration span of individual students.
    Format: APA 6th edition
    Length: 5 pages, excluding title and reference pages
    References in the last 5 years

    Type of service: Academic paper writing

    Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

    Subject: literature

    Pages / words: 5 / 1400

    Number of sources: 2

    Academic level: Undergraduate

    Paper format: APA

    Line spacing: Double

    Language style: US English

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