Subject: Women and gender studies Topic: UNESCO internship

– Talk about the experience of being an intern at the UNESCO office- DOHA,Qatar
– how such internship was special in your life and what did it add to you as a student.
– i already attached a file that i want you to use and continue to write on it. use the same data in the file and add more in order to show details in the task you were asked to do through your internship period.
– how such internship was inspirational and added to your studies and you were able to link important concepts specially for gender studies. – for example women and education or gender equality in oppourtinties of education. this was done by me by preparing a Situation analysis of SDG4 with a gender lens. that was talking about mainly :

Girl education has been one of the major concerns among the human and gender rights group. Increased campaign for girl child has been steered towards realizing the gender equality between men and women. In this regard, various organizations such as UNESCO and other stakeholders have put more focus is ensuring quality education to female gender. This move has resulted in the development of SDG4 that aims at ensuring that female education is enhanced among various regions in the world. This paper presents a report on the analysis of the targets of the SDG4 as they are implemented by the stakeholders.

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