Topic: Agricultural Informatics Assignment

Description Please answer the following 2 questions (around 3 pages for question1 and around 2 pages for question2):

1. The uptake of Informatics technologies and their use is mixed in the Agricultural Sector, in particular when compared to other manufacturing sectors. Discuss with examples the current state of informatics technology uptake and what the main barriers are to fully integrated, informatics based agricultural systems in the following sectors;
a. In primary production (e.g. farmers, producers)
b. In manufacturing (e.g. food processors, equipment manufactures)
c. In the transport/supply chain
Total 25 marks

2. Informatics in general, and agricultural informatics in particular, can be divided in two disciplines; i) that related to the acquisition of information (sensors, data loggers) and ii)
that related to data manipulation and extraction of useful information (data base development/management; statistics, data-mining). Here we focus on the first – namely data acquisition and the techniques and technologies.
a. Remote sensors are generally based on optical, sound, or electromagnetic properties of the object being monitored (soil, crop). Give two examples of a type of sensor, applied to field conditions or production. Each example has to belong to a different type of basic technology (e.g. a optical vs a sound based sensor). (10 marks)
b. Sensors are also widely applied in the food manufacturing process. Again describe two distinct sensor technologies in the food manufacturing process. What do they monitor
& what benefits do they supply the manufacturer? (10 marks)
Total 20 marks

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