Topic: B Movies: Every week movie and book report


In a 12-point font with no more than two lines of heading – per week. This is the equivalent of a short paper each week, in which you respond to one or more aspects of that week’s course material: the reading, the film. Of these, the reading is most important – refer to it specifically as often as possible. Each week just one page.
week 10
Movie: House of Usher – Roger Corman, USA, 1960

Reading: Edgar Allan Poe, “The Fall of the House of Usher” (any edition)
week 11
movie: Pit and the Pendulum — Roger Corman, USA, 1961
Reading: Edgar Allan Poe, “The Pit and the Pendulum” (any edition)

week 12
Movie: The Intruder — Roger Corman, USA, 1962
Reading: Digby Diehl, “Roger Corman: A Double Life,” in Nasr, ed., Roger Corman, pp.
week 13
movie: The Wild Angels — Roger Corman, USA, 1966
Reading: John Mason, “The Making of The Wild Angels: An Interview with Roger Corman,” in
Nasr, ed., Roger Corman, pp. 62-71
week 14:
Movie: The Trip – Roger Corman, USA, 1966
Reading: Patrick Schupp, “Meeting with Roger Corman,” in Nasr, ed., Roger Corman, pp. 83-89
Jessica Ritchey, “The Pragmatic Rebellion of Roger Corman’s The Trip.”
Oscilloscope (25 May 2016).

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Subject: english

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Number of sources: 2

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