Topic: Big brands disappearing from the high street literature review

Write literature review and methodology. The literature review consists of understanding of the problem by analysing the past issues (2500 words). This chapter gives the opportunity to show the reader that you can analyse and synthesise views of others in relation to your own research programme. At least 10 references should be discussed, and 3-4 different models, theories or views should be mentioned. At the end of this chapter, identify the principal research questions to be addressed in the dissertation. These will form the basis of your dissertation in the subsequent chapter on research methodology. The methodology will be based on research through a questionnaire online published on Facebook. The methodology is 1500 words and is an opportunity to discuss the research programme you have designed for your dissertation. Begin by reviewing briefly research methods advocated for structuring research programmes. Look again at the research questions formulated at the end of the literature review. Select the kind of programme best suited for addressing those particular research questions, and discuss the reasons prompting your decision. Discuss the research strategies adopted, the collection procedures selected, and the difficulties and/or problems encountered. Include ethics and bias. Using the following format
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Research design
3.3 Philosophy
3.4 Research approaches
3.5 Data collection
3.6 Time horizons
3.7 Sampling
3.8 Ethics
3.9 Limitations
This should be written using 1.5 line spacing, Calibri font size 12 and Harvard Referencing.

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Subject: dissertation chapter

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Line spacing: Double

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