Topic: Bribery and fraud in college


Project Description:This project requires exploration and analysis of a specific issue within the field of sport law. This is a topic of your choosing and is designed to provide you with a more in depth understanding of one area of sport law. Requirements:o 5-7 pages in length (not including reference pages or a cover page)o Times New Roman, 12 point font ,Double-spaced, 1 inch margins Include a reference page and cover pageAll citations and the reference page will use the APA 6th citation style. Introduce and describe the topic being discussed as well as the goal of the paper. Provide a comprehensive background and analysis of the topic, its importance in past and present sport contexts and future development (if relevant).This is a research paper so it should be relatively formal. Use a minimum of 10 academic sources. Grading:Grading will be based on the detail provided in terms of the comprehensiveness of your research and analysis, as well as adherence to paper criteria.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

Subject: political science

Pages / words: 4 / 1100

Number of sources: 2

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: MLA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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