Topic: Broken Families

In America today more and more families are struggling to stay together every day, fighting for the love they once. Families are breaking up together due to affairs left in right. Along with also being broken up for finical reasons, such as losing their job or making poor finical decisions.
Though there is another side of this and that is seeing families within America that have been dealt with very bad cards and are trying to learn how to handle everything.
For example, families that struggle with parents that have physical limits and can not make money. My reason for this being my topic is because this is where my family is at now. We are a family that has beaten, stepped on and are stilling trying to fight.
I have lost my mother, stepmother, grandfather, and great grandmother. Then also watching my Dad have and stroke almost four years ago and see he continue to try to get back to being able to operate as a regular human being.
My personal opinion is that I truly believe that this can be a very powerful peace, if it is done in the correct manner.