Topic: Business ethics and corporate governance in Accounting


The word limit for the report is a minimum of 2,800words with a maximum word count of 3,300 words.

Note: reports submitted with less than 2,800 words will be returned for re submission and in this case it might be recorded as submitted late.

Reports must indicate the word count and any report that does not include this will be returned and might be marked as submitted late.

All reports must be properly referenced in Harvard format and also be submitted with a TURNITIN report. NOTE that high similarity reports could be subject to further investigation which might lead to a charge of academic misconduct for plagiarism.

You must also complete the attached ‘Self-Assessment’ form and attach it to your report so that you can receive appropriate feedback on your work


It could be argued that if left to themselves, companies will not behave in an ethical manner.

Therefore, in order for companies to behave ethically, the important elements of business ethics should be incorporated within a universal corporate governance code that should be enacted globally and made mandatory for all large corporate entities.


You are to produce an individual report that:

1. Critically evaluates the concept of business ethics as applied to accounting theory.
2. Provides an assessment of the current trends and theories concerning corporate governance.
Critically evaluate the assignment brief concerning the concept of having a universal corporate governance code that would incorporate business ethicS

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