Topic: Character Sketch on Silas Marner

Write a five-paragraph character sketch (at least 500 words) on the main character. The five paragraphs should be an introduction ending in a thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In your thesis statement, state three distinct character traits. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence, stating the trait to be covered, and develop or “prove” the trait with at least three specific examples from the story. In your thesis statement and selection of traits, also address: “Does the character change or develop over the course of the story?” The conclusion should repeat and slightly reword the thesis and recap the major points.
1. The main character is the protagonist: a single individual who is the focus of the story’s action. He or she is the character most central to the story and most responsible for confronting the antagonistic person or force of the conflict. If you are unsure of the main character, consult the Chapter Notes Online.
2. A character trait is a natural interior quality of a character expressed in how he thinks, speaks, or acts with himself and others. “Natural” means intrinsic to the person: something he does not need to struggle to be, like a virtue, but his natural disposition, or birthplace, those these can influence personality.
Rather, a character trait is a consistent way a character behaves:
Thinks-absent-minded, clever, imaginative, cynical, distrustful
Speaks – soft-spoken, loquacious, argumentative, candid
Acts- loyal, nervous, affectionate, aloof, outgoing, shy, ambitious, impulsive

Traits are single or hyphenated words.”Fearful of crowds” is just a general description. “Shy,” “Introverted,” and “reclusive” are single words that label definite patterns of behavior, and are traits. A theaurus is the perfect tool to help you articulate traits. Select three distinct traits that, when taken together, capture the character’s whole personality. Do not select two or more traits that are near synonyms for each other. For instance, saying a character is smart, clever and intellectual is not acceptable as three distinct traits. They are too similar

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