Topic: Contemporary Issues in Health and Social cares for elderly people

With an increasing number of challenges within the population, a National Service Framework for has been established to look at the problems faced by differing target groups in receiving care in order to deliver higher quality services. The course will enable the students to look at the key standards that underpin the framework such as the plans to eradicate age discrimination and to support person-centered care with newly integrated services, promote people’s health and independence and examine how services are fit around people’s needs. The course will enable the students to explore the National Service Framework and its implications for care.

In more recent years much has been spoken of the ‘empowerment’ of the service users. At the same time, the principle of equality and anti-discriminatory practice has both been promoted by successive governments and embraced by organisations and agencies within the Health, Social Care and private sectors. The course will enable the students to understand concepts of empowerment and equality in relation to health and social care.

The course will explore the sensitive subject of protecting adults from abuse, neglect and mistreatment. It will examine all aspects/factors of abuse, signs and symptoms of abuse and explores what is considered to be good practice in protecting [safeguarding] adults from poor standards of care. The course will also increase student awareness of what abuse is in the context of care work, and be aware of how to respond to such situations if they arise.

The course will introduce opportunities to examine, explore and debate other topics such as ethical and legal choices and their needs, drawing on key research findings presented to students as well as having face to face contact with the course co-ordinator both in lecture sessions, practice and in student-led group activities in class.


This course aims to provide opportunities:

1 To examine topical issues relating to service users in the care sector
2 Evaluate the extent to which these issues impact on the service user and the care available
3 Examine current and proposed legalisation and practice.
Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

1 Assess the current care provision for your service users
2 Evaluate the influence of the current issues on the care of the service user
3 Use comparative debate to examine proposed changes in legislation and practice

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3rd learning outcome 300words

Conclusions 50words

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