Topic: Decision-Making Models Related to Ethical Supervision

Conflicting messages often characterize ethics in psychology research and practice. The ethics involved in teaching and supervision are no different. Those in positions of professional oversight might find themselves having to choose between courses of action that might solve one dilemma while causing another. It is important that psychology professionals understand how to apply a decision-making model systematically in order to arrive at responsible decisions regarding professional oversight in teaching and supervision.

For this Assignment, review the following Case Study:

You are a faculty member at a college. The dean assigned the head of your department to examine a specific issue. You attended several meetings of various faculty members to discuss the issue, and the department head attended only one. You and a colleague wrote a reasoned, point-by-point response to the original issue of concern, and you sent this to the department head. A few months later, you are surprised to see a journal article manuscript with the department head listed as the sole author. When you read the article, you see that you and your colleague are cited in the appendix, but much of the material is word for word what you have written.

The Case Study allows you to apply ethics to real-life situations and demonstrate your understanding of the decision making needed to resolve such conflicts. It is rare for an ethical dilemma to involve only one issue, so you should take the time to reflect on the complications that present themselves in the situations described in the Case Study.

For this week’s Assignment, review the overview of the five ethical decision-making models that can be found in the Learning Resources section.

Koocher and Keith-Spiegel’s nine-step ethical decision-making model
Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists: The 10-step ethical decision-making process
Rest’s four-step ethical decision-making model
Jones’s four-step intensity-contingent ethical decision-making model
Fisher’s eight-step ethical decision-making model
For this week’s Application, submit a 3 page paper that includes the following:

An explanation of the ethical dilemmas you perceive to be involved in the Case Study.
A description of what you might do in response to the dilemma. Include the following in your explanation:
A step-by-step application of one of the decision-making models provided above.
An explanation of the possible outcomes for each individual in the Case Study.
An explanation of any benefits and limitations of the model you selected.

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