Topic: Employment Law status of the worker cases and statutes.

answer the question below:

Case Study
Translate provides software translation and professional translation services for its multinational clients. These services include document translations, website translations and desktop publishing services. The company was founded in London in 2008 by Karen Rivaldi. Its first client was SAP, a German company developing systems, applications and products. Within two years, Translate had doubled its staff, moved into a more spacious office better equipped for the nature of its work.
HR issues are the responsibility of the Manager of Administration, who reports to the Managing Director. Given the growing market demand for technical solutions and the company’s awareness that it had potential to grow, it decided to sharpen its technical abilities. A determining factor in the company’s evolution was its constant emphasis on the importance of new technologies. This has resulted in continuous investments in infrastructure, recruiting and developing specialised staff and providing continuing

professional development opportunities for them. The company’s philosophy is based on close collaboration with its clients and its ability to provide them with a personalised high quality service. Its multilingual services are tailored to its clients‟ needs and their styles of working.
There are 50 full-time permanent employees and then a number of self-employed, consultants and zero-hour contract staff who work with clients and provide translations. Due to Brexit there has been a reduction of the need for as many employees so the business is looking at reducing the number of self-employed, consultants and zero-hour employees.
Nadine has worked for Translate for 6 years and does not have a written contract with them. She translates Syrian documentation and works from home and some weeks can work 50 plus hours, whereas other weeks there is no translation required. When Nadine was off sick for a gall bladder removal (which had complications), Translate paid her sick pay during this period of 3 months. She invoices Translate each month and organises her own tax and NI.
Ronald is a software specialist and has also worked for Translate for 5 years, he has been very important in the development of the software products but has always been a contractor and has other clients. He has also been on call and available if there are software problems that require fixing. He has also been involved in the management meeting and has assisted with the strategy of IT. Ronald also invoices Translate and pays his own tax and NI.
Josie comes in to cover when staff are off sick in any of the departments she has been working for Translate off and on for 3 years. Due to the high sickness levels in Finance she has been working at least 4 days a week for the past 6 months. When she is working in a department she is instructed on what jobs need to be completed by a Supervisor. She does not have a written contract and is paid a daily rate. She is very friendly with the staff in Finance and goes for a drink with them every Friday and was invited to the Christmas party. Josie is paid through the payroll depending on what days she works and therefore her tax is deducted at source by Translate.
Explain the area of employment law that covers the status of the worker and include cases and statutes. Would the above three employees be classed as employees, workers or self-employed/consultants?

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