Topic: Evidence based nursing practice


In a well-constructed initial response utilizing the knowledge you gained from the initial readings as well as your own experiences, discuss the following question:

A hospital recently implemented a silver infused dressing for its surgical population. This dressing has been shown in vitro to have an antimicrobial effect on pathogens associated with poor wound healing but there have been no large scale studies to show clinical outcomes
A colleague recently shared a case report referencing the use of sphenopalantine block as a treatment for spinal headaches and has indicated they will incorporate this technique into their practice.
Another hospital, while addressing surgical site infection readmissions recently implemented change in surgical skin prep protocols based on one study.
What are your feelings about the evidence presented in the above examples? What have you observed in your institutions and practice areas concerning evidence based medicine? Do you find that practice changes are influenced by accurate, timely, and reliable evidence? Or are you observing ‘knee jerk’ reactions based on anecdotal evidence or 1 or 2 studies or case reports? How might you respond if you were to encounter something similar to the examples. Identify some of the barriers associated with the appropriate use of evidence. How can we bridge this gap? Include in your discussion what types of evidence are most reliable as well as ways in which technology might be beneficial in obtaining such evidence.

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I’ve included two papers on evidence based medicine.

As for personal experience, I was part of a critical care committee that developed the hypothermia protocol at my hospital. We reviewed multiple studies and found (at that time) that there was no consensus for duration of the cooling period. The studies varied from 18 hours to 36, so we ended up going in the middle for the time period which in the end after years of additional research is the time that most facilities use. There was careful consideration of the existing research and deliberations. There was a trial run period and after the trial run, the protocol was again reviewed. Adjustments were made based on the results and available resources at our facility.