Topic: food insecurity in Yemen

Required: plan an intervention for a contemporary development issue which is food insecurity in Yemen. The narrative  should be constructed around the following key elements:

A Problem Tree to present a background to the issue within a specific geographical/historical context.
A theoretically-engaged critical analysis of the issue, that also provides a rationale behind my proposed intervention.
A Log Frame to present your proposed intervention.

there should be a problem tree and log frame for the intervention.

the structure of the essay should be like this :

Introduction (present your display item here) –Provide a compelling overview
Summarise the essay and your approach to tackling the development issue.

Background (present your problem tree here) What is the issue?
-Where is the issue?
-Who is being impacted by the issue?

Discussion (present your logframe here)
-What sorts of interventions have been carried out before? Were these successful/unsuccessful, why?
-How do you propose to intervene?
-Provide a breakdown of the logframe with clear rationale for any resources required.
-Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the logframe tool.
The simplest form of a logframe is a 4×4 table with 16 cells, although this isn’t a strict format .

In the table you should note down what you want to achieve and how you’ll get there. In theory, writing a logframe should make it easier to plan and manage a project as you can see the sequence in which the actions lead to your overall goal.

-Link back to your introduction Synthesise elements of the discussion Compelling signoff.

structure of log frame:
Structure your logframe. A standard logframe is divided into four rows, which are your long- to short-term objectives ranging from top to bottom:
• Goal (overall aim).
• Outcome/Purpose (what will be achieved, who will benefit, and by when).
• Outputs (specific results the project will generate).
• Activities (what tasks need to be done in order for the output to be achieved).
These are achieved and measured by the headings from left to right:
• Project summary (explaining the objectives).
• Objectively verifiable indicators (how you’ll measure the achievements).
• Means of verification (how you’ll collect the information for the indicators).
• Risks and assumptions (external conditions needed to get results).
Populate your matrix. Start by writing your overall goal in the top left hand box of the table (between Goal and Project summary). Ask yourself: What do we intend to do? How does this sit with the country context, and are they compatible

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