Topic: Healthcare Technology Personnel Interview


Healthcare Technology Personnel Interview

For this assignment, you will learn about the current use of healthcare information technology in a specific setting and analyze its impact on professional nursing practice. One important strategy to learn more about healthcare informatics and the role of nurses and other personnel is to interview someone working in this specialty area.

In this written assignment, you will identify and interview a person in a healthcare setting who works with healthcare informatics or technology and write a report on the interview you conducted. The person you interview does not have to be a nurse but a nurse working in healthcare information technology is preferable.


Use the following questions to guide and structure your interview. Do not limit yourself to the questions below. Ensure you ask in-depth, open-ended questions so that you can complete the entire assignment (see evaluation rubric):

How did you first get involved in healthcare technology?
What is your official title?
What are the major duties and responsibilities of your role in healthcare technology
How would you describe you’re the safety culture of your organization?
What specific job qualifications, degree, and/or continuing education do you need to perform your role?
Did you need specific education or training to perform your current role?
What would be two things you see as the greatest challenges for nurses integrating technology into patient care?
What is an ethical dilemma you have encountered working in this role?
Describe what you see as the role of information systems and how they impact professional nursing practice.
What process is in place in your organization to insure compliance safeguarding personal health information with HIPPA standards or requirements? How does this influence your work?
After your interview, review a minimum of four peer reviewed nursing articles on the role and work of healthcare informatics. Write a 6-8 page summary report of the interview incorporating relevant findings from the literature. The 6-8 pages DO NOT include the Title and Reference Pages. The summary should include the following criteria; use the bolded headings in your paper:

Interviewee: Describe the person you interviewed, including his/her title, history of his/her involvement in healthcare technology, and his/her major duties and responsibilities in the current position.
Education and Training: Identify the specific qualifications and education needed to succeed in healthcare technology and in the specific role of the interviewee including ongoing training.
Challenges: Analyze the two challenges for integrating technology into patient care. In the analysis, explain how this problem affects the quality of patient care. Integrate relevant finding from the literature to better understand and/or respond to these challenges.
Role of Information Systems: Identify and analyze interviewee’s ideas on the role of information systems and how they impact professional nursing practice.
Role of Privacy: Describe the privacy process in place at the organization. Explain how it influences healthcare technology.
Greatest Learning: Synthesize the answers from the interview and discuss the most important element of healthcare technology learned during this interview.