Topic: homelessness in America focus on mental health

1) Introduction: Pick a policy or policy area of interest to you. a. Briefly describe (do some research about the selected policy/policy area to increase your familiarity with it) i. Define the problem as it is viewed today. Please use Zastrow’s definition of a social problem from the readings to be sure you have a complete definition of your problem. 1. What is the problem? 2. Who does it affect? 3. How does it affect them? 2) Pick one branch of government and explain how it influences that social policy. a. Discuss the functions of the branch. b. Explain how it influences the policy you identified. 3) Describe important changes in how this problem has been viewed through at least two of the time periods covered by this class. a. How has the perspective, political view, and philosophy of this problem changed? b. Have the values attached to it changed? 4) What will you, as a professional social worker, be able to do to change a social injustice or inequitable outcome, as it relates to this policy? Please use at least five references. You are encouraged to use additional references that are not on the syllabus. Review how to cite these references because APA will be a part of the grading. Your outline should be a minimum of four pages, and additionally, it must include a preliminary reference list that needs to be uploaded to Moodle before 11:59pm on October 21st. All submissions after this time will lose 10% per day that it is late. If you have any questions, please let me know. Name Date Outline for Assignment #2 1) Policy: Apply Zastrow’s definition of a social problem • What is the problem? • Who does it affect? • How does it affect them? 2) Government branch: • Functions of the branch: • How it influences the policy you identified: 3) Important changes in two time periods covered in class: • Perspective: • Political view: • Philosophy: • Values: 4) How will you be able to make a change as it relates to policy?

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