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    Topic: how does your own identity impact your work with a diverse staff body

    Interview report

    Weighting – 50%
    Length – 2,000 words
    The purpose of qualitative interviewing is to find out about someone’s experience
    and to explore with them how they make sense of the world. The method is designed
    to capture and interpret the respondent’s language and experience so that their
    perspective can be presented. You will be required to conduct primary research by
    designing and conducting a depth interview on the topic of identity in relation to work,
    education, or family life, based on some preliminary reading of existing research on
    this topic. Your interview will take at least 20 minutes and probably longer. You will
    transcribe it, code it, describe and interpret the findings, making connections
    between theoretical concerns and their application. The report will demonstrate your
    knowledge and application of the method and ability to analyse the findings within
    the constraints of small-scale research. Support will be provided in the workshops to
    help you formulate appropriate aims, develop an interview guide, code and analyse
    the data and evaluate your research methodologically in terms of its strengths and
    limitations, representativeness, reliability and validity.
    In the interview report, students will be required to:
    • Demonstrate understanding and appropriate application of the method of
    qualitative interviewing through the design and conduct of the depth interview.
    • Identify the methodological issues involved in doing qualitative research.
    • Interpret the data with reference to existing research on the topic and drawing
    on their skills and knowledge of approaches to qualitative data analysis.
    • Evaluate the research methodologically, within the constraints of small-scale
    • Reflect on what has been learnt from doing the research in terms of skills and
    General guidelines • You are strongly urged to attend all the workshops and to keep up with the
    weekly to do lists in the module programme.
    • Read the more detailed guidance on BB and look at past examples.
    • You must use at least 8 academic sources in your report, including a few on
    the topic you have chosen and the rest from methodology textbooks and at
    least one specialist book on qualitative research methods.
    • Use the ‘red book’ for guidance on referencing and how to structure and write
    your work.
    • Don’t forget to include a word count and a bibliography

    Format: APA 6th edition
    Length: 5 pages, excluding title and reference pages
    References in the last 5 years

    Type of service: Academic paper writing

    Type of assignment: Writing from scratch

    Subject: business

    Pages / words: 5 / 1400

    Number of sources: 2

    Academic level: Undergraduate

    Paper format: APA

    Line spacing: Double

    Language style: US English

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