Topic: How political instability affects investor behaviour

Dissertation proposal structure:

1. A working title: which indicates the topics’ breadth and depth.

2. The research aims: a general overview of the intent or direction of the work (where does it intend to go, including theoretical and practical aims)

3. The research objectives: specific, clear and succinct statements of the intended outcomes of the dissertation (what the dissertation intends to achieve, what are the research questions or the specific purposes or objectives of the work, how will you know whether you have achieved them?)

4. The background or justification of the research issue: the rationale for the research, including a description of the gap in knowledge and the benefits of the outcomes of the research for theoretical understanding, practice or policy

5. For the methodology and methods section:

For a literature review dissertation:
What boundaries will be set for examing the different academic papers, how will you know that what you read is reliable, how will you compare different pieces of evidence, how will you reach conclusions & ensure they are valid?

For an empirical study dissertation:
How will you approach the answer to your research questions,
and why this approach rather than others? How will you achieve your research aims – what are the specific methods employed? What specific data is needed to answer those research questions and how will you collect, organize, analyze and interpret them? Any issues or problems of data availability or collection? How do you make sure that the data collected is reliable and valid and the conclusions you arrive at are logical and reliable?

6. The identification of relevant literature for review: what are the key academic and/or policy materials relevant to the issue? What are the major arguments and schools of thought related to the issue?

7. The proposed structure of the dissertation: what is the flow of argument necessary to achieve the specific aims of the dissertation, how will this be organized and broken down into specific chapters, and what is the purpose of each chapter?

8. A work plan to be outlined: what are the activities involved in your dissertation project and what is the specific timetable necessary to meet the hand-in deadline?

9. Finally, the bibliography: a list of the most important prior work you will be using, this may usefully be split into a chapter by chapter bibliography.

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